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Practical Tips —Operation Somebody Cares

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Many people don’t trust Christ the first time they hear the Gospel.  It often takes hearing it over and over.  The families in your community are no different.  But we must not view them as “targets,” for us to attack like we are on a mission.  To reach the people around your church, you must convince them that you actually care about them.  The only way to do this is through repeated visits, that don’t put anyone under pressure.  You are just there to serve.  In this easy little program, you are going to deliver six gospel tracts with different approaches, on six different visits to the same homes.

This simple program can motivate your people into evangelizing.  Most churches just don’t do it.  You can begin to win your own community, and the people around your church, if you are willing to be consistent for just a short time.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Get teams of volunteers in your church.
    One team, two teams, it’s up to you.  But they should go two by two.  One person gives the tract, the other prays for the person receiving it, and record the house and name (if the person offers it).

  2. Get a map (Google maps can help you).
    Choose 50 homes near your church.  Map out the streets and assign them to teams.  Assign 10 homes to each team.

  3. Get permission to display the map at church.
    Show your church your progress through the neighborhood, with a headline over the top of it that says “People Matter.”  Maybe more of your church will join in when they see how easy it is.

  4. Meet at the church and pray before you start.
    Pray that people will receive the tracts, that the message will touch a responsive chord, and that they will begin to understand they are more than a number or care about them and their problems. 

  5. Visit each house, once a week, and deliver the tract with a smile.
    Introduce yourself: “Hi, I’m __________ from ___________ church and we just want to drop off this little cartoon.  We hope you enjoy it.  We’ll drop off another one next week.”  If they aren’t home, insert the tract in the crack of the door jamb just above the latch.  Don’t press anyone.  If they don’t want the tract, don’t push.  Just cross that house off your list.  Go to another house.  You are looking for people who are receptive.

    1. Be well dressed, but casual.  No suits.  Don’t look like a JW or Mormon.

    2. If there is a sign that says “No soliciting,” don’t make waves.  Go to the next house.

    3. Teams should be one man and one woman.  That is less threatening.

    4. After you knock at the door, stand an arm’s length back.  Hold out the tract with a smile.  This is less threatening.  People want their space.

    5. Don’t go into the house.  Keep it simple, stay on the porch.  If they ask for prayer, do it right then on the porch.  There is safety in this.

  6. Tell them you will be back!
    Let them know you will be back with another one that they will enjoy.  Then they know what to expect.

  7. Return to meet at the church to share how it went.
    Pray over homes where you saw problems.  The whole thing shouldn’t take even an hour.

    Each succeeding week, deliver a different tract to the same homes.  Maybe start with a soft approach like Love Story or maybe even one of the cute children’s tracts like Charlie’s Ants. Then follow next time with something a little more pointed such as Creator or Liar or Somebody Goofed.

    By that point, you probably would have some feedback from the person about their spiritual background and present state. Tracts could then be chosen to address their need. This Was Your Life should definitely be included at some point.

  8. IMPORTANT:  the tracts need to be delivered by the same two people.
      Folks need to begin to recognize you.  They will see that you care.

  9. Week 4 - Give survey card
    By this time, they realize you are coming regularly for them.  Give them the survey card and ask, “May I give you this survey card?  We would like to know how your family likes the little books.  We would appreciate it if we could pick them up from you on the next visit or two.  We want to hear from you.”

  10. Deliver six different tracts to each home.
    Try to pick up the survey card if they will give it to you.  On the last visit, ask if there is anything you can pray for.  Give them your church’s brochure and invite them to visit you.

Some of the people you will meet will already be believers.  Be sure to take a moment right there and pray for them and their needs. Then go on to the next house.  But make sure everyone, including these people, get a church invitation.  Sometimes folks are really “between” churches, and they just won’t tell you.

Remember, NO PRESSURE.  People are fed up.  They don’t think anyone really cares.  Show them you are different.  The gospel message in the tracts will convict them of sin.  That’s not your job.  You are not there to win an argument, you are there to care for souls.  Your repeated visits will show them that they are important to you.


  1. These people will get to know your church as a group of friendly people... a “safe” place.

  2. You will know you have obeyed the Lord and given them the gospel.

  3. People will be more likely to visit your church later, because they “know” someone there.

    1. Be sure to say “hi” to them when they come.  They need to see your face again.

That was easy, wasn’t it?  Now get ready for the next 50 houses.

Things to remember:

  1. You’re in Satan’s territory.  Don’t be surprised about rejection.  They are rejecting Jesus, not you.

  2. Each family is different.  They are going through different messes: fear, sickness, prison, family problems, financial problems, drug problems, etc.  People are uncertain and scared.

  3. By the 4th visit, they will get to know you.  It’s okay to ask them if you can pray for them for any need.

  4. Pray for God’s full armor.  This is a spiritual war.  Satan will try to discourage you.