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Lots of Talk —Little Change After Age 13

October 2010

Reach them before it's too late!A recent study by religious pollster, George Barna, shows that there is a lot of talk today about religion, but it does not seem to effect change in people's lives. Whatever they learned before the age of 13, seemed to set the course of their perspective on their spiritual life for the rest of their days. They may be involved in church, or in a lot of dialog with others, but little changes in their behavior.

"Most of the religious beliefs, behaviors and expectations that define a person's life have been developed and embraced by the age of 13; relatively little changes after that time," concludes Barna.

Many churches have given up on Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, Release Time Education that once focused on grounding the coming generation on the Bible.

Parents have capitulated to the public schools to teach morality and basic behavior.
They are either unaware or do not care that a generation ago, the schools dropped most Bible-based instruction in favor of the lies of humanism, evolution, materialism, self gratification and foolish and perverse entertainments. The result is a generation now raising their own kids even further away from biblical principles.

Solomon wrote in Proverbs 14:34 that, "Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people." We have gone so far as to make the abominations of abortion and sodomy legal and are rapidly coming under the reproach of God's judgment.

Bible believers are beginning to realize that the only hope for our nation, indeed the whole Western World, is a return to God with repentance and a contrite heart.

But, how can we cut through the confusion in the souls of the children so that the next generation can hear God's Truth? Leaders of the great revivals of the past have saturated their cultures with hard hitting tracts and pamphlets, calling out the nation's sins and calling for repentance.

If Barna is right, then we should concentrate on getting the Truth to those under 13, so a new generation can be raised up to stop the flood of sin and perversion engulfing our land. "But what can I do? I am only one!"

First, look around. If your church has a kid's department, make sure it has is a small rack stocked with tracts designed for children. Make sure the kids know they are free.

Is there a public park in your neighborhood? Leave a scattering of tracts on the benches, in the restrooms, and on the play equipment. If you think a parent might object, hand the tract to the parent and say, "Here is a story your youngster might enjoy."

If there is a toy store nearby, ask if you can place a rack and then go back every week and restock it. Little League games and other sports events can be an opportunity as well as Scout troops. Sit quietly and pray: "Lord, show me where the kids are," and then follow His leading. When you reach an adult, the chances of him surrendering to the Lord are much less than when you get the gospel into the hand of an impressionable youngster.