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Chick Tracts Are Extending the Reach of Missionaries Worldwide

Thank you to all who have sacrificed to give financially to the Chick Missions Fund! You have helped provide millions of tracts to missionaries all over the world. Together, we are making a difference.

Here are a few updates that we’ve received recently with pictures showing that Chick tracts GET READ!

Walter Sayers – Guatemala
"We gave the pastors thousands of tracts to hand out in their communities and we are hearing the reports back that the churches are exploding with new people seeking for the Lord! God is sooooo good! They are going out 3 times a week to evangelize and to hand out tracts. The pastors and the workers are so excited to see this growth in such a short amount of time.

"Pastors we work with in Zone 6 are having to go to 2 services next month because of the evangelizing and the tracts!"


Hoffmeister - Trinidad
"Thank you for your gracious sacrifice! We have been using the tracts you sent us in various ministries. Weekly they are used in religious instruction classes that we hold in the public schools, the hospital ministry where we go into the wards to witness and pass out tracts to patients and visitors, our Saturday soulwinning time, our visitor packets that we hand out to everyone who visits the church and in the daily witnessing of our Christian brethren.

"During our Vacation Bible School and Teen Connection (which is VBS for the teens) our workers will sometimes use the tracts in explaining salvation to children. It is so good to know that you can put something into their hands that they will read and understand. This year for these programs we had 68 saved during our daytime VBS and then 42 saved for our Teen Connection!"

Daniel Callis – Brazil
"We have used the ONE WAY tract extensively. We train the Brazilians how to use it by telling the story - page by page and when they tell it, to teach the person they are telling to do the same thing. That way we get multiplication. A few days ago I was training a group in the church we were partnering with. It was after lunch and we were waiting to go do home visits.

"Because the wait was long, I decided to do some more training with the ONE WAY. I told them I would do everything as if on the street to those who had never seen the tract. When I got to the part where I ask if anyone wanted to trust Jesus, a boy raised his hand. I stopped, asked him if he was not a Christian. He said no. I asked him if he wanted to repent and give his life to Jesus and he said yes. He prayed at that time. It was great!

"I was telling a fellow missionary today that I thought the ONE WAY tract was the best presentation of the Gospel that we have —better than the evangecube, bracelets, other tracts, etc."

Marco Perez - Colombia
"We got them (the tracts) and been using them and they are a big hit here in the village of Montenegro, Colombia. You can go to the main park of the village and see people reading them after we pass them out or street preach. We can always use tracts brother.

"When we go to the open markets or any public places we can distribute more than 500 tracts in one hour easily. I have three churches under my care and I split what you sent me with the others. The tracts are a blessing and I know the word of GOD and the salvation message is getting out in our three cities here in Colombia."


Kathy Smith – Independent Church in India
Kathy and her husband work with a large network of churches. They have established churches with the Chick tracts. We supply large quantities of tracts, and they get them distributed through their network of churches. She writes: "Pray for India, as the Hindu extremist wings have started a program called 're-conversion'. The idea is to forcibly enter rural churches and make them temples by putting up images of Hindu gods. They are converting rural believers back to Hinduism by force."

You can get some indication of the reach of their ministry by visiting

Eagles Rest – Thailand
Janine Buckley at "Eagles Rest" in Thailand operates a small retreat for Asian pastors. Their mission statement says, "To provide a place of refreshment, healing and restoration especially to those Asian national pastors and Christian workers who are living in poverty while serving the Lord. We include counseling, health care, family time and skills training as resources allow. "

Pastors and their family come for a short rest, and Buckley provides them with Chick tracts to take home for outreach in their communities. The picture attached is a couple who work among the Karen people, common in Burma.

Gospel Vision – Europe
Franck Alexander heads up a wide-ranging outreach across Southern Europe. Using podium trucks and "missionary buses" they assist and train local churches in street ministry and church planting. Large quantities of tracts are used in the street ministry training and then left with the churches to continue. Even in Europe, wide distribution of tracts is effective in getting enough community interest to plant a new church.

Rodelio Mallari – Philippines
Mallari is just one of several large outreaches in the Philippines. For the last few years, the Philippines have been very open to the gospel. Several million Chick tracts have been shipped there helping prepare the people for many new churches. He writes that a recent shipment will be repackaged and shipped to local pastors and others "ministering in the prisons, streets, hospitals, bus terminals, piers, boats and homes in central and southern Philippines."

When the pope visited there in January, the crowds were greeted with thousands of Filipino "SANTO PAPA" Chick tracts.

Jim Neale – Canada
Street evangelist Jim Neale carries a huge vision for sowing gospel seed. This year, it included the Pan Am games, held in Jim's neighborhood, Toronto, Canada. Billed as the world's third largest international multi-sport games, nearly 7,000 athletes from across both Americas converged to test their world-class skills while a million people came to watch.

It was almost a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Jim to have this huge mission field come to him, so he ordered up 50,000 tracts for seed and put together a street team. The pictures below show some of the opportunities Jim found during the "planting" of those 50,000 tracts.

At 79, Jim has a lot of stories about Chick Tracts. After one "sowing," a suspicious looking fellow showed up at the door of his apartment. Local security alerted him to be cautious, but Jim saw that he was carrying a Chick tract.

Jim asked what he wanted and the visitor said he wanted to talk about the message in the tract. Someone had given it to him and talked to him about hell. That scared him and he wanted to know how to avoid hell. He explained that he was part of a local cocaine ring where three people had recently been shot. He said he had a gun but hadn’t killed anyone —yet.

Jim listened to his story, led him to Christ and sent him to a local pastor for follow up —after he suggested that he destroy his phone and get rid of the gun.

Jim and his team recently took his luggage full of tract "seeds" to the Bahamas. The pictures below show some of the "hearts" where they were "sown."

Ted Heath – Panama
"We've been out much of the day handing out tracts. We probably handed out 300 to 400.

"Here are some pictures. All the school children are at the bus stop around 12:30 so all you have to do is jump out and cover them up with tracts. It is very wild how grateful they are and they read them.

"I had the chance many times to give, say, 3 tracts to a young girl and watch her read them. Then, often times as I saw she has so much interest in them. I will give her three more.

"The girl with the pink bag and the girl seated on the white bench are examples of girls I gave 5 to 8 tracts to and they read them for an hour or so.

"I think we are going to place a new tract order soon. I think we have enough for at least 200K tracts."

Many Christians want to provide Chick tracts to missionaries

We can help!
The Chick Missions Fund is used to provide free tracts to missionaries all over the world. Although we are not legally structured to give tax-deductible receipts, we definitely know how to get literature into missionaries' hands. They often write to us asking if anyone can help them get Chick tracts.

If you would like to help extend the hands of a missionary, please call us or send your donation to:

Chick Missions Fund
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100% of the funds you send to the Chick Mission Fund are used to ship literature to missionaries.
In the past few months, shipments have been provided for:

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Will you help?

"Thank you so much for the tracts! They arrived and in good condition. Chick tracts are like candy! I love them! The people here in Quebec are so hard to reach. Chick tracts offer the kind of quality that makes it harder for people to turn down. I'm so excited about getting them out. Thank you for thinking of this missionary." J.H., Canada
"Thanks to a large donation of Chick tracts that has been received for the purpose of the evangelizing here in Venezuela. The Lord has opened five areas for us to have an outreach for the Gospel. In these areas we are at different levels of involvement, response and results. The pastor has done a wonderful job in the starting of a mission in Puerto Piritu, Venezuela. Now there are regular services with a young preacher as the leader of the group. There is much more to do there." J.A., Venezuela