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Was it ‘Global Warming’ or God’s Warning?
(and what does Israel have to do with it?)

March 9th, 2012

The repeated waves of tornados last week caught many by surprise but caused far fewer deaths than rescuers could believe after surveying  the destruction. Unbelievers are quick to blame global warming. But Bible believers who know God’s heart, see a different picture. The continuing chill in relations between the present U.S. administration and Israel is causing increasing concern.

As the recent Chick tract, Somebody Angry? points out, there are just too many disasters in America happening too close to major turning points in U.S.-Israeli dealings. In an attempt to spotlight God’s warning about those who fail to bless Israel, Jack Chick included a list of recent “coincidences” that happened in unlikely sequence.

(Taken from "Somebody Angry")

The tract rehearses Israel’s history of persecution since God drove them from the promised land because of their unbelief and rebellion. In the middle ages, the Vatican attempted to wipe them out and gain control of Jerusalem and “God’s land.” For centuries, Jews were forced to live in ghettos, but they always yearned to return to their promised land.

The Bible is very clear about who owns Jerusalem and the land that God promised to Abraham. God frequently refers to it as “My Land.” Today there is a global conspiracy against Jerusalem by the Vatican, Islam and the United Nations. From the beginning the popes have declared that God is finished with the Jews because they rejected their Messiah. Therefore, they no longer have any right or claim to Jerusalem. The Vatican is pushing to have the city under “international” jurisdiction, presumably by the U.N. This “replacement theology” idea is not just in “church.” Many secularists have suggested that Israel just quietly pick up stakes and move to somewhere like Argentina to put an end to the argument over this postage stamp of real estate in the volatile Middle East.

Islam, on the other hand, teaches that whenever any land is ever conquered by Muslims, it forever belongs to Allah. They have succeeded in occupying Jerusalem off and on over the centuries and presently have a key mosque built on the Jewish temple mount. So, their claim to ownership is a major factor in what we call the “Mideast Conflict.”

But, the Bible says the God of Israel has the last say about the land. And history bears this out. God promised that, in the last days, He would gather his people back to His land. Their success, against all odds, in establishing a nation and successfully defending it, fulfills God’s plan.

Meanwhile, those nations that have failed to bless God’s chosen people have suffered His curse. The Vatican’s Holy Roman Empire collapsed. Britain’s global power deteriorated rapidly when they refused to give sanctuary to the Jews fleeing from Hitler’s genocide. Germany was split in two for decades after they attempted to solve the “Jewish problem” by annihilation.

America has enjoyed a couple of centuries of unbelievable blessing and prosperity, particularly in a period after Israel became a nation and we stood solidly behind her. But in the last few years, the U.S. has foolishly come to depend on Israel’s enemies for oil to energize our economy and we increasingly see Israel as just another “Jewish problem” rather than a true friend in a chaotic world.

And again, the land, God’s Land, becomes the issue. Every time we squeeze Israel to give up more “land for peace,” God lifts His hand of blessing and disasters are the result. The tract, Somebody Angry, details the amazing “coincidences” between our change of attitude and increasing disasters. America beware! Any attempt to trade HIS LAND for peace will only reap a tornado of His wrath.