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Good news: New York Times Calling for Revival

There might be a glimmer of hope when you have a New York Times columnist calling for revival. Of course, his definition is slightly different than Bible believers use, but close enough to be noteworthy.

In his March 10 column, “The Cost of Relativism,” David Brooks gives several examples of decimated families and concludes that our loss of social “norms” and the resulting rampant irresponsibly is the root cause. He concludes by observing that “History is full of examples of moral revival, when social chaos was reversed, when behavior was tightened and norms reasserted."

Throughout the article it is clear that he is basically wishing for the results that come from events like “The Great Awakening” and the wide-spread repentance under the preaching of men like Finney, Spurgeon, Whitefield. The Times readers probably would not tolerate Brooks using more biblical terms, but he dares to throw them a bone, by admitting that he has “taken this column in a spiritual and moral direction of late. It’s in part because we won’t have social repair unless…we have clearer definitions of how we should be behaving at all levels.”

He goes on to assert that “ will require holding people responsible.” He recognizes that, although the more highly educated have fewer dysfunctional families, even the “...privileged people suffer from their own characteristic forms of self indulgence.”

Articles like this in the national media are heartbreaking. Brooks has made an accurate diagnosis and described the right cure. But he does not know where to get the medicine. All the terms that Brooks uses: “norms,” “responsibility,” “moral direction,” “tightened behavior,” “self indulgence,” have biblical equals. When Brooks says: “The health of society is primarily determined by the habits and virtues of its citizen,” he is simply paraphrasing God’s declaration in Proverbs 14:34: “Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

When Brooks sees in history, “examples of moral revival,” the truth is right in front of him. He is so close to discovering the true cure that he craves for the “social chaos”. But failure to acknowledge his Creator as the source of that abundant life dims his eyes to the Truth.

When the culture began to crack at the seams in the middle of the last century, many Bible believers started to warn of the rotten fruit of the rising rebellion against God’s way.

During that time, someone gave Jack Chick a copy of Charles Finney’s “Revival Lectures.” As a result, he became so burdened by the growing disregard for God, that he took many of Finney’s teachings and added illustrations to drive home the point. For fifty years, the book that resulted, The Last Call, has been offered by Chick Publications as a tool for Bible-believers to remind people how to achieve the “social repair” that Brooks is calling for.

It is encouraging that people like David Brooks, who has authored several books, are beginning to be concerned about the “social chaos,” and see the need for “repair.” Now, Bible believers need to stand tall and “shout from the housetops” that only repentance before our Creator will bring the required healing.

For a limited time, Chick Publications is offering a deep discount on The Last Call so soul winners can share Finney’s burden with their churches, pastors, friends and family. Every pastor needs to review it. Other believers need to be stirred by it.

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