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  Chick tracts get read even in Havana, Cuba

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions on the subject...

Question: How do I contact missionaries?

Answer: Most missionaries now have e-mail. Reaching them is as easy as clicking a mouse. Ask your pastor for their e-mail address.

Question: How do I know which tract titles they will want?

Answer: Have them go to the list of titles and languages available and read the tracts online. Then they can e-mail you with their favorites.

Question: What about the language difference?

Answer: No problem! The missionary can read the tracts online in his own language. At the same time, he can make sure he likes the translation.

Question: How would I get the tracts overseas to the missionary?

Answer: You don't have to. We ship tracts directly overseas so you don't have to worry.

Question: Isn't shipping overseas complicated and filled with problems?

Answer: We work with a wide variety of respected international shippers and have developed a unique expertise in getting tracts delivered almost anywhere in the world.

Question: Is there a minimum number of tracts I can send to a missionary?

Answer: No. You can send any quantity.

Question: Can I get a custom printed message on the back of the tracts?

Answer: Yes, if you order 10,000 copies of a single title.

Question: How do I figure out what the missionary wants custom printed on his tracts?

Answer: You don't have to. Just send us his e-mail address when you place the order and we will work all that out with him.

Question: What if he wants a tract title that isn't in his language?

Answer: If you order 10,000 copies of that title, and the missionary will send us a translation, we will do all the typesetting and layout for free. If the missionary can't provide the translation, we know many qualified translators who can provide high quality translations.

Got any other questions? If so, see the list of languages available or e-mail us.

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