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21 ways Chick tracts can give you a world-wide witnessing ministry

  1. Send Chick tracts to foreign missionaries your church supports.
  2. Many cities have a Chinatown, Little Italy, etc. These are great places to give people Chick tracts in their native language.
  3. Hand out Chick tracts at ethnic businesses (restaurants, etc.)
  4. Take Chick tracts on short term mission trips.
  5. Can't go on a missions trip? Send Chick tracts with those who can.
  6. Give tracts to bi-lingual co-workers. (People love literature in their native language.)
  7. Going overseas on vacation? Take Chick tracts with you.
  8. Give Chick tracts to non-English churches in your area.
  9. Give tracts to tourists at airports, tourist attractions, etc.
  10. Send tracts to relatives or friends living in other countries.
  11. Stationed overseas in the military? Order Chick tracts online.
  12. Contact Mission Boards about sending tracts to their missionaries.
  13. Send Chick tracts to Christian groups that emphasize world-wide evangelism.
  14. Send Chick tracts to Christians stationed abroad in the military.
  15. Send tracts to students studying abroad.
  16. Find international "Pen Pals," then send them tracts in their native language.
  17. Send tracts to churches in other countries.
  18. Pass out Chick tracts at ethnic events near your city or town (festivals, holidays, etc).
  19. Distribute tracts at multi-language sporting events (soccer, baseball, Olympics, etc).
  20. Give tracts to foreign students at local colleges and universities.
  21. Take Chick tracts with you when you leave the country on business.

Most importantly, remember...

Chick tracts GET READ... in any language!

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Note: If a tract title is not available in the language you need, we will create it. Just order 10,000 copies (at a 50% dicount) and we will do the translation and typesetting at no extra charge. Click here for more information.