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New Spanish Bible Qualifies as 'Scripture'

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Many churches do not believe they have a perfect Bible. Using phrases like: "verbally inspired in the original manuscripts," or "inerrant in the original writings" in their statements of faith,they are saying that they only believe the original copies were perfect.  They don't want to admit that they believe the Bibles we have today contain errors.  Even though God promised to preserve His "words" forever (Psalm 12:6-7), they don't believe He was able to do what He promised to do.  They believe we only have copies with errors.

Are copies as good as the originals?

"Scriptures" are God's words which are written down by man.  They are God's words, not man's words.  Isaiah was written under God's direction centuries before Jesus came, yet when Jesus stood up to read a copy of Isaiah in the synagogue in Luke 4:21, He said, "This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears." Jesus, the God who had given the "original" to Isaiah, had no problem calling that copy of a copy of a copy, —scripture, thus certifying its accuracy. He knew He had preserved it perfectly, as promised.  Of the 54 times where "scripture" is used in the New Testament, all show complete trust in the inspiration of these "copies."

In English, the King James Bible we have today comes from perfectly preserved copies, handed down through centuries.  But not everyone speaks English.

A New Spanish Bible we can trust

We have published much about which Bible we can trust in English, but the debate is also going on in the Spanish world.  The old Reina Valera Bible was the best available for years. Just like the KJV in English, it was built upon the "Received Text" that the Early Church protected with its blood.  Yet it had problems that vexed Spanish readers.

In recent years, a lifetime missionary and native of Mexico, Humberto Gomez, has revised the beloved Reina Valera, and corrected the problems which have bothered Spanish believers. As they reviewed copies of Gomez's work, they became excited about the spiritual power and ease of language and offered to help complete it.

After five years of refining by experts in Greek and Hebrew along with Spanish and English linguists, the final product, called the Reina Valera Gomez (RVG), is finding wide acceptance in the Spanish-speaking Christian world. Over a hundred thousand copies have been distributed with increasing demand for additional printings.

Chick Spanish tracts now use the RVG

After studying it carefully, Chick Publications has converted all of its gospel tracts so they use the RVG Bible.  Now, we are releasing a Spanish version of the English book, Why the King James Bible is the Perfect Word of God. Instead of the KJV, it uses the RVG and is in Spanish. Like the English version, it is a workbook that builds faith in the Scriptures.  

Get copies of the faithful RVG Bible, along with Por Que La Biblia Reina Valera Gomez Es La Perfecta Palabra de Dios, and you will build strong faith in your students that they have, and can trust, God's eternal words.  It's perfect for new Spanish believers, too.

If you wish to obtain a copy of the beautiful RVG, you can find it here: