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Which tract is best to use?

We're frequently asked this question by Christians who want to know what tracts are best to use for specific circumstances. We know there are a lot of titles to choose from (over 100 in stock). So, we have compiled a list showing the titles that many customers have told us they like to use in the following situations.

Please Note:
It's always important to keep in mind the age of the people receiving the tracts. Not all tracts are suitable for children, so to get the best results, please see the suggestions below.


Sporting Events:
   It's A Deal The Slugger    Man Of The Match
   The Wall

County Fairs/Parades:
   A Love Story Best Friend Charlie's Ants
   The Choice The Fool The Greatest Story Ever Told
   It’s Your Life Party Girl This Was Your Life
   Who Is He? Who Loves You? You Have A Date

Truck Stops:
   Gun Slinger The Sissy This Was Your Life
   I See You! Lookout!

Shopping Centers:
   A Love Story Limited Time Offer I See You!
   How To Get Rich It's Your Life This Was Your Life
   The Long Trip Who Is He? The Choice

Birthday Parties:
   Best Friend Charlie's Ants Cleo
   The Fool The Present Set Free
   Soul Sisters    

   The Choice The Long Trip This Was Your Life
   You Have A Date Who Is He? I See You!

Kids Camps:
   Best Friend Charlie's Ants Cleo
   One Way Set Free Soul Sisters
   The Warning It's All About You! Bed Time

   A Love Story The Choice Something In Common
   This Was Your Life You Have A Date  

Vacation Bible School (VBS):
   Best Friend Charlie's Ants Cleo
  All God's Creatures    
People of different ages

   Why Is Mary Crying? Is There Another Christ? Last Rites
   The Awful Truth
   Allah Had No Son Is Allah Like You? Your Best Life

   That's Baphomet?    

   The Visitors    
People of different ages

For Adults:
   Heart Trouble? The Long Trip Love That Money
   The Royal Affair Somebody Angry? This Was Your Life
   Things To Come    
For College Students:
   Big Daddy? A Demon's Nightmare It's All About You
   Party Girl Somebody Goofed Unloved

For Teens:
   Big Daddy? The Choice Gun Slinger
   It's All About You Love That Money Somebody Goofed
   Unloved Adopted  

For Children:
   Best Friend Charlie's Ants Cleo
   The Fool The Little Ghost One Way
   Soul Sisters    
Life's struggles

Drug Abuse:
   Party Girl Happy Hour Bewitched?
   No Fear? Unloved Kitty In The Window
   Sin City Uninvited  

   Who Murdered Clarice? Baby Talk  

   Gomez Is Coming    

   The Bully Mean Momma  

   Tiny Shoes    

If you're still not sure, you can get a printed copy of over 130 current tract titles for just $23.95!

Or, you can see every tract sorted by category here.

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