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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents January/February 2016

Terrorism Must Be Answered With Revival
Terrorists cannot be stopped by more security. The anger and hatred in their hearts must be changed from within.

No Sowing —No Harvest
In every crowd there are likely a few who are open to the gospel. Only by sowing gospel seed (tracts) can we hope to find them.

Is the King James Bible All Wrong About Death and Hell?
Are the accusers right that it is translated wrong? Or is this just one more lie Satan has cooked up about the KJV?

Just A 'T' Too Far
What happens when government demands that an athlete who “looks” like a boy should be able to shower with the girls?? Should it be illegal for the girls to have some privacy?

Are Modern Bibles Built on a Faulty Foundation?
Is it possible one of the two pillars supporting the modern, billion-dollar Bible industry is a counterfeit?

Recent Court Cases Approve Public Witnessing
It's easier to keep our rights to witness on the streets if we use wisdom in how we do it.

An Open Mission Field Next Door
Prisoners already know they are sinners. They are often open to the gospel, if we care enough to take it to them.

Church Planting Made Easier —With Chick Tracts
Reports continue to come in from missionaries using Chick tracts to start and strengthen churches.

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Battle Cry

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