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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" Gal. 4:16

What Shall We Do?

Issue Date: March/April 1993

It does no good to play the age-old game "ain't it awful." We have to find out what to do. Here are some simple suggestions:

1) "If it isn't good enough for my children, it isn't good enough for me." Many parents will sit in front of their T.V. watching people do things they would never want their children to do.

They send the kids to bed so they won't see. But remember, children learn most by imitation. They do what we do.

If we watch something, they want to watch it too! What are you teaching by your example? Watch only what you want them to watch!

2) Keep a sense of outrage. It is important to express disgust when the language turns foul or the bedroom scenes violate our living rooms.

Kids will say, "Oh, that's no big deal. I hear the kids talk like that at school everyday." But by walking across the room and turning off the T.V., you teach that it is still as wrong as ever.

You express your disgust at such behavior. And in so doing, your children are able to keep their sense of quiet outrage over sin.

Remember, when outrage is gone, acceptance begins. And the next step is imitation.

3) Courage in the pews increases courage in the pulpits. We would like our pastors to stand nine feet tall, brave in the face of opposition, unswervingly standing for truth.

But we forget that, in most churches, they face periodic elections. They are human. And those in their churches who don't want to hear them oppose sin by name will bring them under pressure.

You can be sure that when your pastor speaks against a sin that is in the church, those doing it will let him hear of their disapproval.

Take time to balance that by thanking him when he truly does speak out. Your courageous encouragement will strengthen his hand.

If your pastor is not afraid to speak out against fornication, adultery, foul language and lasciviousness, go thank him, and then stand by him. Your courage will enlarge his.

4) Seize the "evening news opportunity." When watching the news you will see periodic items where homosexuals demand their "rights."

That is exactly the moment to obey Deuteronomy 6:7. Make a comment about how God handled the homosexuals of Sodom and Gomorrah who demanded their rights.

He expressed His opinion with fire from heaven!

Or sadly wonder how long before God handles our society's fornication (sexual sin) the way He did that of the Jews who "rose up to play" while Moses was on Mt. Sinai.

While those people were dying, their sin didn't look cute or attractive! You can't disobey God without paying a price. Parents, We Must Teach!

We must never allow our children to see sin as a light thing but continually remind them of God's point of view.

We may not be able to stop other people from doing the things they do, but we don't have to let them do it in our living rooms!

And our continual sense of outrage that people do these things will help protect our children from the awesome pressure to imitate.

We must never let them forget: God keeps records!

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