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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents - 1995

Abortion victim begs: "Don't Make the Same Mistakes I Did"
Hear some interesting facts on the effects of having an abortion.

Church Members ‘Adopt-a-Street' to get Gospel in Every Home
Church members in Fairbanks, Alaska, “adopt” local streets to spread literature and invite every family to church.

New Bible Versions Promote Catholic Doctrine
Small changes in the wording of the Scriptures can often result in major changes in meaning.

Can Catholics and Protestants Walk Together? A Former Catholic says NO!
A primary reason is the Roman Catholic doctrine which declares all non-Catholics to be hell-bound sinners.

Soulwinners Beware! Evangelical Leaders Compromise the Gospel
As predicted by Alberto Rivera in the mid 70's, well known evangelical leaders have gone public with a call for evangelicals to unite with Catholics to form the great apostate world church.

Publishers Must Make New Bibles Harder to Read or Give Up Copyright Dollars
Gail Riplinger's new book, "Which Bible Is God's Word?" contains answers to common questions concerning modern versions and translations.

Pressure Building on SBC Leaders Who Signed ‘No Soulwinning' Pact with Rome
Widespread pressure from Southern Baptist members persuaded two SBC leaders to remove their names from the Evangelicals and Catholics Together document, but stated that their attitude toward the subject remained the same.

Texas Bookstore Harassed for Selling Chick Literature
The Word Shoppe in Amarillo, Texas was recently visited by a local Roman Catholic Priest who asked owner Jeanette Green what it would take to get her to stop selling Chick tracts.

Is Mary Necessary for Salvation? Millions of Catholics Think So
The place of Mary in Roman Catholicism is largely ignored by modern Protestants who are blinded by the false dream of ecumenical unity.

Polish Protestants Fear Treaty Will Bring Vatican Stranglehold
Polish President Lech Walesa has charged that his parliament's delay in signing a concordat, or treaty, with the Vatican shows "disregard of the Apostolic See."

‘This Was Your Life changed my life' Tract Found in Child's Halloween Candy Bag
"The first time I saw one of your tracts was in my child's Halloween candy sack. This Was Your Life, I can honestly say, changed my life. It was a step that led to salvation… Praise God!"

The One, The Christ …Does Your Bible Teach You to Worship New Age ‘Gods'?
Riplinger points out that the new versions remove Jesus Christ because, "The religions of the world believe that ‘god' created all things but not by Jesus Christ."

Pastor Threatened with Arrest for Passing Tracts in Park
After reviewing the CLA materials, the city decided that Pastor Stevenson was free to share his faith.

‘Bashful and Backward' Truck Driver Becomes Bold Missionary
In 1972, Bill Horstmeyer was a "bashful, backward" bread truck driver when he found a discarded copy of the Chick tract, This Was Your Life at a revival meeting.