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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents - 1996

Homosexuals and Lesbians Mount Assault on Chick's UK Distributor
Members of a local gay rights organization promoted their message that all men should love one another by smashing a door, damaging a sign and mounting a picket line at the Chick Publications distributor's business in Scotland.

Help Your Church Spread the Gospel: Use Tracts to Support Your Church's Ministry
Would you like to encourage the people you go to church with to share the gospel?

Local Priest Expects Thousands to ‘Come Home' to Rome During Billy Graham Crusade
"In recent years, [Billy] Graham has made an extraordinary ecumenical effort to send people to the churches where they live out their way of life with Christ rather than trying to bring them into his organization or any particular church."

8,000 Per Day Converting from Catholicism Pope's Grip Loosening in Latin America
A frail pope recently completed a desperate trip to the last major Roman Catholic continent to try to re-lock the spiritual jail where 8000 people per day are escaping to freedom in Christ.

Is This Hate?
When a man bows before an idol of ivory, begging for salvation, and you tell him it cannot answer… is this hate?

Now Available: A Friendly New Tool to Reach Catholics
Over and over, Heinze brings his Catholic reader face to face with Bible truth, and the salvation by faith that they have been taught is too simple to be true.

Our Lord Replaced by "Our Lady" for Roman Catholics
For a billion "Christians" in the world, Jesus as "Lord" has been effectively elbowed aside by a mythical goddess with the title of "Lady."

The Pope Denies Genesis by Endorsing Evolution
Calling evolution "more than a hypothesis," Pope John Paul II gave his official support to the idea of evolution while speaking at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in late October.

Old Testament Prophecies Key for Witnessing to Jews
One of the major burdens of Bible believers has always been how to reach God's chosen people, the Jews.

Rock Music Makes Rich Wretches
Exposes some of the dangers of becoming a Christian rock star.

Who Needs Thee and Thou?
Our thanks to Rev. D.A. Waite, who gives us this simple explanation in his book, Defending the King James Bible.

The Difference Between Translator and Teacher
Do you want to know exactly what the instructions say, or will you trust the second translator's ability to understand the author's intent and not lead you astray?

Ex-Priest Describes Struggle to Believe the Wafer is Really the Flesh and Blood of Jesus
Discover Charles Chiniquy's story as a faithful priest of Rome.

Pope Promotes 24-hour Worship of Wafer God
In his Redemptor Hominis encyclical (special letter to all the church) he urges the church leaders to make adoration of the wafer the center of church life.

‘I Am Too Shy To Talk To People'
Here's a few easy tips on passing out tracts without even saying a word.

Is it Legal to Witness in Malls?
Attorney David Gibbs, Jr., writing in the newsletter for the Christian Law Association, offers some great insight into this issue.

‘To Win Gangs, Use Saturation Evangelism' Says Converted Gang Banger
"You can't just spit in the gang neighborhood, you have to storm it," says ex-gang banger David Rojas of Victory Outreach in San Diego, California.