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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents - 1997

700 Club's Cult Definition Fits Catholicism
Almost every major ministry has somewhere laid out a definition of a cult. The 700 Club is no exception.

With Sodomy Laws Repealed, Will Age-of-Consent Laws Be Next?
CBN's NewsWatch reports that sexual predators who target children have learned a how-to lesson from the homosexual movement on seeking legitimacy.

Alberto Rivera Passes Away
Eighteen years ago, by the providence of God, the Lord put a man with a vital message together with a man who had a vehicle to spread it.

'Alberto's Death Won't Stop Us From Winning Catholics to Christ'
Week after week, testimonies pour into Chick headquarters from precious ex-Catholics rejoicing that they have learned the truth of their spiritual peril from the Alberto comics.

Buddhist Fad Makes for New Witnessing Opportunity
1500 new monasteries and temples in the U.S. provides more opportunities to witness to Buddhists.

Eavesdropping Can Bring Witnessing Opportunities
One day, while landscaping at a local car wash business, I overheard three men talking about their heart bypasses...

Halloween: Soul Winners Making Creative Use of 'Devil's Holiday'
More even than Christmas or Easter, Halloween is being turned into a major national witnessing opportunity by creative soul winners.

Muslims Using Hate Laws to Stamp Out Religious Freedom in Canada
Mark Harding, the founder of The Christian Standard, a Christian publication in Canada alerting believers to attacks on the Christian faith, has spent two days in jail for criticizing Islam.

Public Libraries Becoming Battle Ground Over Evil
Church leaders in Seabrook, New Hampshire succeeded in stopping lectures on satanism at their local library but the offended Satan worshippers responded by flooding the library with nearly 500 donated books on witchcraft.

Chick Mail Bag
Just a few of the many testimonies from people touched by Christ through Chick Tracts.

Mary Saves?
Already she has been declared by previous popes to have been born without sin (dogma of the Immaculate Conception, 1814) and taken bodily into heaven at her death (dogma of the Assumption, 1950).

A Message From Jack Chick - November/December
Being nice is not enough to get into heaven.

'Chick Tracts are an Absolute Must!'--Missionary to Hong Kong, Pat Caspary
"Chick tracts are an absolute must, on an hour-by-hour basis, to reach the bustling masses of Chinese souls we encounter..."

Chick's Nigerian Distributor Jailed for 5 Weeks Over Chick Tract
A fax from the Chick Publication distributor in Nigeria spotlights the blessing we have in America in the freedom to present the gospel.

World Renown Scientist's Computer Proves Noah's Flood
A new computer in the supercomputing department of the National Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, Los Alamos, New Mexico is being used by a world renown scientist to present evidence that the earth is less than 10,000 years old, just as the Bible says.

Orthodox Church Persuades Russia to Outlaw Bible Believing Churches
When the Iron Curtain was dismantled in the early 1990s and missionaries were welcomed into the crumbling Soviet Union, many observers feared that the window of opportunity would be short lived.

One-World-Government Wants Your Child Parent's Rights Under Attack
Little media attention is being given to a quiet tug of war going on over the right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children.

Millions Worship 'Patroness of the Americas' on December 12
On December 12, some 2 million pilgrims trekked to the shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

Promise Keepers Changes Statement of Faith to Please Rome
Few Bible believers are unaware of the Promise Keepers movement which began in the early 1990's and in 1996 attracted 1.1 million men to rallies in 22 major cities of the U.S.

Purgatory: Gold Mine of the Priesthood
Much confusion exists among Protestants regarding the Roman Catholic teaching of purgatory, largely because Rome is careful not to discuss it too openly where a Protestant might hear.

Witness in Malls: The 'Small Table' Strategy
When you are witnessing at a mall and security is getting insistent, you might be successful in suggesting using the table approach.

Struggle for Jerusalem Larger Than Jew vs. Arab
Two struggles are tearing at the hope of those who dream of world peace and the brotherhood of mankind.

The Gift Presented to Law Makers in Brazil
As a missionary to Brazil, Daniel Callis' vision to distribute 10,000 Portuguese The Gift throughout Brazil has expanded beyond what he had expected.

The Witchcraft Side of Masonry
Would you really wish to belong to an organization which welcomed these powerful sorcerers into its midst with open arms?

Witness in Parks--Don't Get Arrested: Just Learn the Rules
We have all heard the horror stories of people being harassed and even arrested for witnessing in public places and this tends to make us wary about sharing our faith.