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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" Gal. 4:16

Lecturer Offers $250,000 Reward for Proof of Evolution

Issue Date: September/October 1999

Dr. Kent Hovind travels extensively giving seminars that provide concrete, scientific reasons why evolution is impossible and that God's creation is the only reasonable explanation for the things we see.

Since 1990, he has offered $10,000 to anyone who could provide empirical evidence for evolution. Never having received any such evidence, Hovind recently sweetened the pot.

On his website,, he now offers $250,000 for such evidence. Although evolution is being taught in schools as though it was truth, Hovind knows full well that there is no scientific evidence that will prove evolution. And lest someone think his offer is insincere, he promises "a committee of trained scientists will provide peer review of the evidence offered and, to the best of their ability, will be fair and honest in their evaluation of the evidence presented."

Hovind isn't worried. He explains why: "Evolutionism is a religious worldview that is not supported by science, Scripture, popular opinion or common sense." Since there is no proof of it, one can only call it a religious belief. Hovind goes one step further. Since those who teach evolution is true are so determined to have it taught to youth, they should be confident enough of their position to make the same kind of offer that Hovind makes.

On his website, he suggests that evolutionists offer a $250,000 reward to any who presents scientific evidence that their position, evolution, is false. Only empirical evidence would be acceptable.

No one is making this offer, because Hovind is standing ready to present a whole array of scientifically proven facts that demonstrate that the earth is not billions of years old, and that no animal has ever been observed changing into any fundamentally different kind of animal.

For those wanting to see Hovind's compelling evidence themselves, his seminars have been videotape and are available at This seven volume set is mind-changing!

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