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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents - 2000

The Accursed City
Charles Spurgeon's warning about Roman Catholicism has been forgotten by many. It's time to read it again.

Aborted Baby Parts For Sale
Most people are well aware that over a million babies a year are killed in U.S. abortion clinics.

World Lutheran Federation Takes Major Step Back to Rome
Leaders representing 61 million Lutherans signed a joint declaration with Roman Catholic Cardinal Edward Cassidy agreeing that the Reformation was all a mistake, that the two organizations really do agree on how to get to heaven.

Chick Tracts Changed My Life — Twice
Many of my friends know that Chick Publications recently changed my life when they showed me that the King James Bible is God's preserved Words in English.

Conversation With a Priest
The following conversation took place when a Roman Catholic priest called Chick publications to dispute the claim that Roman Catholics are encouraged to worship the Virgin Mary.

More Evidence of Creation
Evidence that the earth-sun system was designed by God far outweighs any possibility that it all just happened to come together by mere chance.

He Wanted a Book About the Devil
"Sure," I said.

'No Salvation Outside Roman Catholicism' Says New Vatican Dictum
The Roman Catholic Church has released a 36-page declaration that she, alone, has a corner on salvation.

Author Claims Some Dinosaurs Live Today!
In March, 1962, five teenage boys rode a small boat to a partially submerged shipwreck off the coast of Pensacola, Florida.

Why You Should Never Give Up
If you don't see the people you witness to getting saved right away, don't give up on them. Keep them in prayer.

How The New King James Bible Creates Doubt
When you begin to disciple a new Christian, don't you always tell him that the Bible is God's word and he can trust it above all else? Of course you do.

You Never Know What God Will Do With His Word
"Just keep giving out the Word," says Richard Zawadzki. "You never know what God will do with it!"

Booklet Defining KJV English Words Fits in Back of Your Bible
After deciding that the King James Bible is the only perfectly preserved Word of God, what do you do with the old English words which you don't understand?

Evolution is Religion, not Science says Dr. Hovind
Do evolutionists "know" the earth is billions of years old or do they "believe" that it is?

Failed Prophecies Cast Doubt on All Watchtower Interpretations of Scripture
Thomas Heinze, in his new book, Answers to My Jehovah's Witness Friends, says that Jehovah's Witnesses are vulnerable in two areas.

Pope Thanks Fatima Goddess Again for Saving His Life
On the thirteenth of May, this year, Pope John Paul II made a pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of The Rosary at Fatima, Portugal.

Four Little Words
We all have heard of the inquisition and how so many were burned at the stake. But what was the issue which was used to decide whether someone lived or died?

Chick tracts get read…
"He had never heard the gospel until reading this tract..."

Does God Really Have a Mother?
Every January 1, the pope presides at the "Mass for the Feast of Mary the Mother of God" held in the Vatican.

From Biker to "Grim Reaper"
Inspired by the Chick tract, HI THERE, Hammers recreated the Grim Reaper costume from the cover and wears it while street witnessing.

Fledgling Church Uses Literature to Spark Growth
Some missionaries go to mission fields in remote areas; others are called to the cities, like Montreal, Canada.

Who Needs Hell?
"Hell" is an uncomfortable word. Everybody knows what it means.

Islam Fastest Growing Religion
Soul winners are increasingly confronted with the need to witness to Muslims.

A Message From Jack Chick - May 2000
"When I was a student in High School, I had two Christian friends who knew the Lord but were silent about it."

Jesus' Own Claim to be the Son of God Brings Muslim to Christ
These simple, straightforward Scriptures convinced a very good Muslim friend of mine. He is now a Christian, and going to heaven.

A Message From Jack Chick - November/December
As I watched on TV the horror of the suicide bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen, I could not help but think about a part of this tragedy that is usually forgotten.

Pope Declares Jubilee Year — Brings Back Indulgences
Such "Jubilees," or "holy years," have been celebrated every 25 years since 1300 AD.

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Media Ignores Brutal Murder by Homosexuals
Matthew Shepard has become a poster boy for the homosexual activists thanks to massive media attention.

Why People Have Stopped Memorizing Scripture
Scripture memorization is a lost art.

Archeology Answers Question: 'Who is this Allah?'
Muslims claim that before Muhammad, Allah was the biblical God of the Old Testament Israelites and the New Testament apostles.

Author: NIV Subtly Diminishes Character and Ministry of Jesus
"We, today, are living at a time when the attacks upon Jesus Christ find no equal in history..."

Soul Winners Not Welcome in World Religions Organizations
Satan's forces are working on several fronts to unify all the world's false religions and push Bible believers out of the game.

Parable of the Fishless Fishermen
Why are the fish always gone?

American Bible Society No Longer Pope's 'Pest'
Bible societies considered dangerous, like socialism and communism.

Is the Lord's Prayer in Your Bible?
A century after Christ there was a man named Marcion. He pretended to be a Christian, but his beliefs did not match the Bible.

The Greatest Miracle of this Generation
"The greatest miracle of our generation is literacy," writes veteran missionary Milton Martin.

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Part VIII: Reigning over the Kings of the Earth
Finally, the angel reveals to John that the woman "is that great city which reigneth over the kings of the earth" (Revelation 17:18).

Dr. Rivera's 15-Year-Old Claims Verified by Current Events
In 1985, ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera predicted that the Vatican would eventually apologize for its part in the German Holocaust, the inquisition, and the slaughter of Jews and Muslims during the Crusades.

Pope Pushing Idea that Allah and Jehovah are the same God.
In his weekly general audience in late May of 1999, Pope John Paul II addressed Muslims in a series discussing "interreligious dialog."

Schools Pressured to Tell Students Sodomy is OK.
A sodomite "Educators Network" has mailed a booklet promoting the homosexual lifestyle to 15,000 school superintendents across the country.

Arab-Israeli Negotiations Fail, but Pope has a 'Solution'
The Camp David negotiations between Israel and the Arabs is over without any progress toward peace.

Southern Baptists Under Pressure to Stop Soul Winning
A series of booklets issued by the Southern Baptist Convention has drawn unprecedented reaction from the liberal media, mainline religious leaders and members of congress.

Christian Students: Know Your Rights
The Christian Law Association reports that they are getting increasingly frequent calls from students in government schools who are being disciplined for sharing their faith with fellow students.

Homosexual Teachers 8 Times More Likely to Molest Students
Recent study shows that homosexual teachers are 8 to 10 times more likely to sexually involve themselves with pupils than heterosexual teachers.

Why Do We Need "Thee" and "Thou"?
In almost every language but Modern English, people knew whether the speaker was addressing one person or many.

Missionaries Find Tracts Just Keep on Working
Today, missionaries face special challenges getting into countries hostile to the gospel.

Time is Evolutionist's God, Says Author
"The general theory of evolution is based on several faulty assumptions," says Dr. Kent Hovind, author and creator of the Creation Seminar Video Series.

'Chopped-up Comic' Still Leads Prisoner to Christ
The following letter came to prison ministry Mission Possible from a female prisoner in Texas.

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Native Americans Now Have Their Own Chick Tract
"The True Path" is simple enough for the uneducated, yet communicates clearly the basic gospel message to anyone.

Some Public Schools Becoming War Zones
Recent high-profile, deadly incidents have riveted our attention on violence in public schools.

Get the Word of God Out While You Can!
While he was lying in bed after heart surgery, he was talking to himself out loud, "Why am I still alive?"

Mayor Discovered "Minister" Would Pray to the Wrong God.
Wicca is the most popular branch of today's "Neo-Pagan" movement that worships "mother earth."