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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents - 2001

Do You Have an 'Almost' Bible?
Many modern scholars say "Of course I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, in the original autographs!" But they don't believe what you think they believe.

Sodomites Declare War on Boy Scouts
At a late November meeting, the City Council of Los Angeles voted 11-0 to cut all ties with the Boy Scouts of America declaring that it will no longer accommodate groups that discriminate against homosexuals and atheists.

Britain Moving Toward Outlawing Hate Speech
Criminal acts of revenge against local Muslims have prompted the British government to debate a toughening of their hate crime laws.

Bus Ministries Love Chick Tracts
Churches that have developed bus ministries have found Chick tracts useful in several ways.

I Just Can't Believe It!
It's easy to see the change in people when they begin reading God's preserved words, the King James Bible

Can Government Promote Charity Without Religion?
While Christians in America are rejoicing in the new shift toward a tone of righteousness in Washington, we must look carefully at the "faith-based initiatives" and "charitable choice" being talked about.

Pope Worried: Calls for More Confessions
In a recent letter to all the Roman priests in the world, Pope John Paul II urged them to stress to their parishioners the need for confession of sin to the priest.

Tract Disturbed Him Enough to Go Buy a Bible
When Paul Karmin set out hitchhiking to see the world in the spring of 1977, he had no idea he would find heaven, instead.

Pope Proves Catholics Don't Know Their Own Doctrines
Although I simply quoted the 1994 Catholic catechism, I am consistently accused of lying, twisting words, distorting facts and otherwise misconstruing Catholic doctrine.

Some simple facts about easter.

Evangelist Remembers High School Tract 'Coupon'
"One of the greatest tools in my spiritual arsenal is Chick tracts," writes Evangelist Richard Lee.

Weakness of 'Scientific' dating method exposed
Over a 20 year career, Shinichi Fujimura made one amazing archaeology discovery after another.

From the Front Lines
With millions of paper missionaries in dozens of languages shipped each month, testimonies come back to Chick Publications from all over the world.

Let's Take the Gospel Where the Crowds Are
Snapshots from the Summer Olympics in Sidney, Australia show how Chick tracts grab the attention of both young and old.

Census Shows Explosive Growth of Sin
Soul winners, we have work to do.

Soul Winners Use Their Imagination on Halloween
Last year several families sent exciting reports to Chick Publications about their experiences using Chick tracts at Halloween.

Singapore Invokes Religious Harmony Act Against Christians
Singapore police recently summoned some local religious leaders and warned them that they were in violation of the Religious Harmony Act.

Here Comes Harry
How Strange! Thousands of children lined up outside bookstores waiting for them to open so they can buy a book?

Harry Potter: 'Making Evil Look Innocent'
What are kids saying about Harry Potter?

Islamic Holy War Against More Than Just Israel
Yes, the world has changed! Suddenly, America joins the host of countries where war is on their own soil.

Professor Gets Threats for Study Showing Homosexuals Can Change
A Columbia professor of psychiatry has released a study showing that "contrary to conventional wisdom some (homosexuals) ... can and do change (sexual orientation).

Attorney Sees Hostility to Christianity Growing in the Workplace
Religious discrimination in the workplace is one of the 'hottest' religious liberty issues coming into our CLA offices this year," writes Attorney David Gibbs, Jr.

A Message From Jack Chick - November/December
Unsaved people seem to be stiff-necked about hearing the gospel when things are going smoothly, when the economy is good.

Chick Tract Worked-700 Miles Later
Late one evening Pastor and Veteran Missionary David Seeley and four other men climbed aboard a motor home in Medford, Oregon and began driving to a Christian conference near Los Angeles, California.

Kansas Board Vacillates Over Text Book Lies
The state of Kansas has recently been one of the battlegrounds over the teaching of evolution in public schools.

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

New Video Exposes Virgin Mary Goddess Fraud
It is estimated that there are at least 300 places around the world where it is claimed that the Virgin Mary is appearing.

NIV Interdenominational Masterpiece - Even For JWs
"But does it all really matter," one might ask, "if I can support what I believe with the NIV?"

What a Difference One Tract Can Make
Chick Publications receives a continuous stream of reports from missionaries and soul winners using Chick foreign language tracts in other countries.

Mormons Maneuvering to Appear More Christian
As Salt Lake City gears up for next year's Winter Olympics, the Mormon leadership is taking another step to appear more "Christian."

Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood: A Muslim Mosque
Muslims in America now number in the millions.

Muslim Countries Becoming Bolder in Persecuting Christians
Islam's hostility to Christians is beginning to get some attention from the media.

Nuns In 23 Countries Report Sexual Abuse by Priests
The cover story in the March 16, 2001 issue of the National Catholic Reporter described reports of nuns from 23 countries who have been pressured for sexual favors or outright raped by priests and bishops.

Fossils Prove Pre-Flood Earth Was Ideal Environment
Creation scientists are amassing evidence that life was much different before Noah's flood.

Is God Really Able to Preserve His Word?
"Did God really preserve His Word for us today?" This question is central to all Bible version arguments.

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Americans Suddenly More Interested in Religion
In the first poll on religion since the September 11 terror attacks, the Gallup organization found that there was a significant increase in religious interest in the U.S.

Rome's Rule Regarding Sainthood. "Keep it Complicated!"
On June 26, 2001, at a Beatification Mass at the Lviv Hippodrome in Lviv, Ukraine, Pope John Paul II "beatified" two Catholics, promoting them to the status of "blessed," one step from "sainthood."

New French Anti-Sect Law Lumps Evangelicals with Moonies and JWs
Bible believers in France are voicing concern over a new anti-sect law passed recently by the French parliament.

‘Story Guy’ Uses Tracts for Sermons in Disguise
Michael Roehm likes to hand out Chick tracts. He also likes to tell stories. So, he combined the two.

Message of Tiara Proves Rome Has Not Changed
Consider this coronation statement: "Receive the tiara adorned with three crowns and know that thou art Father of princes and kings, Ruler of the World, Vicar of our Saviour Jesus Christ."

Court Finds in Favor of Students Who Spoke Up Against Sin
A recent court finding has come out on the side of two Christian students who spoke against homosexuality in accordance with their beliefs.

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Tracts in Sunday Bulletin Focus Church on Witnessing
Soul winners write to Chick Publications with tract distribution ideas.