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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" Gal. 4:16

Prison Ministry Letters

Issue Date: September/October 2001

I've been a Christian for about 19 months. I have been blessed to have all of the Crusader Comic books thanks to a Christian brother who I met in prison. My life is changed forever since I read those 17 comics.
E.R., New York

I recently received your comic book series from my mother. In the less-than two weeks they have been here in the prison it is amazing how many here have been touched by them. The atmosphere has greatly changed and the love of Christ is getting stronger.
J.G., Mississippi

The literature from Chick Publications has helped us to break free of the Roman Catholic church here. A large number of Catholic priests came in to convert us, but you have given us some ammunition to fight with and now we will not be defeated by lack of wisdom.
J.W., Oklahoma

While I was in jail, I read a little booklet called Doomtown. I had never before considered some of the things I was doing were wrong. But it made me wonder. I was then told by some other people that all the things I believed all these years were lies set up to destroy me, and that punk rock was evil, even if it doesn't openly praise Satan. How could my whole life be a lie? My religion? My music? My social club? And the way I love people? I was miserable. I felt doomed in a life that is going nowhere and I was fearful of dying still believing lies. What about personal peace? I didn't trust anybody. That tract weighed heavy on my mind. I thank you for your help.
C.B., San Francisco, CA

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