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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" Gal. 4:16

Look What a Kid Started

Issue Date: May/June 2002

One teen, whose email name was "SharkAttack," sent us this testimony:

I have 3 testimonies. First off, I'm a 13-year-old boy trying to serve the Lord. I wanted to witness but never knew how but through Chick tracts I found it easy. Kids take them like candy!

My first testimony is, I passed out a Chick tract to a person at school. He loved Chick tracts after that and wanted more! Remember, he's not saved yet.

I guess the Lord started convicting him from reading all the Chick tracts because coming home from a field trip he asked me to pray with him and that kid got saved! That's such a blessing. One less soul in Hell!

Now for testimony 2. That same kid started passing out Chick tracts. He passed out one each to two boys. They started asking questions after they read it. After talking with them, both boys bowed their heads in the classroom and got saved. That is such a blessing!

For my 3rd testimony, I was reading your Spring 2000 edition of your Chick tract catalog and came across the 365 Gospel Tract Club idea. I thought that was great. Even though I am 13, I teach Sunday School and introduced this idea. Before I knew it, people outside my Sunday school class wanted to do it and it turned into a church-wide thing.

All the kids are passing out tracts like crazy! It's a blessing. Thank you for Chick tracts. They have won 3 souls in my school that I know of; probably even more!

Editor's note: To be a member of the 365 Tract Club, you pledge to pass out one tract each day for a year. Churches that do it have an award ceremony at the end of the year for everyone who doesn't miss a day.

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