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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents - 2003

800 Tracts Gone in 20 Minutes
Every day, thousands of Chick tracts go out to every corner of the world.

Islam: Mathematical Righteousness
Every Muslim fears the scales of justice, which weigh his good deeds against his bad deeds," writes Ergun and Emir Caner, in their book, Unveiling Islam.

Does God Care About the "Original Autographs?"
It has gotten so weird in the last 150 years that in order to say that you believe in the Bible, you have to say, "I believe in the verbal, plenary, infallible, inerrancy of the -original autographs."

Barna Study Finds Most Church Members Ignorant of Christian Basics
A 2001 study by the Barna Research Group reveals that only 41 percent of the adults in the nation's 12 largest denominations could be classified as "born again."

Universities Becoming Battlefield for Christians
As home schooled students move on to higher education they soon learn they must confront a hostile world.

Little Tract Resonates With 'Big Navy Guy'
When we wonder if leaving a tract somewhere really does any good, Pastor Jack Hilliard of Grace Baptist Church in Fallbrook, California is a living answer.

Professor Threatened for Exposing Contradictions in the Book of Mormon
Thomas Murphy, head of the anthropology department at Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, Washington has been threatened with excommunication from the Mormon church for questioning the historical accuracy of the Book of Mormon.

Modern Preachers Confused about Hell; Jesus Still Says It's Hot
Recent polls show that, although 71 percent of adults nationwide believe in hell, they don't want to hear about it.

Youth Bible Drill Exposes Defective Bibles
In a recent email to Chick Publications, Michael R. has suggested a very enlightening Bible drill to be used in a youth group.

This Foreign Missionary Works in Downtown Toronto.
Jim lives in Toronto, Canada and has made a specialty of distributing foreign language tracts.

New Soul-Winning Film Nearly Ready
Jack Chick is nearing completion on a massive project that has consumed much of his life for the last several years.

Dept. of Education Clarifies Free Speech Rights of Students
Education Secretary Rod Paige has recently issued new guidance documents detailing religious freedom in the public schools.

Is Allah the God of the Bible? Love Says 'No'
In the middle of the confusion of the war on terrorism is the question of the nature of the religion of Islam.

Catholic Paper Praises Billy Graham for Unity Help
Billy Graham is "still preaching that 'old-time religion'," says the headline in the Roman Catholic weekly newspaper, Our Sunday Visitor.

When The Pastor Refers to 'The Greek,' Which Greek is it?
Many people in our congregations are impressed with preachers who refer to the Greek or Hebrew in their sermons.

Soul Winners Spook Satan on Halloween
As we come up on "Satan's holiday" (Halloween), mankind is increasingly gravitating to the occult.

'Potter Books are Pagan Discipleship' Says Author
Harry Potter, sorcery's modern Pied Piper, is at it again.

A Message From Jack Chick - November/December
"The Light of the World” film is a powerful presentation of the gospel and it’s an effective tool for winning souls!"

From Hideous Temples to Jungle Villages: Tracts Work for Thailand Missionaries
Follow Pat and Windy Caspary through the jungles of Thailand.

Why Jehovah's Witness Prophecy Is Important
How can we tell if the doctrines of the Jehovah's Witnesses are true?

Tract Fellowship Sending More Tracts to Missionaries
The Amazing Grace Tract Fellowship continues to expand its tracts-for-missionaries program.

Life from Space?
A recent Portland Oregonian article criticized the Boy Scouts for expelling an atheist assistant scoutmaster and said: "Lambert, who is 19, and has been an atheist since studying evolution in the ninth grade..."

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Appearances of Mysterious Lady Increasing Worldwide
In hundreds, even thousands of places around the world there is appearing a mysterious lady clothed in light.

Mary Goddess Still Focus of Revised Rosary
On October 16 Pope John Paul II issued an apostolic letter to mark the beginning of his 25th year as pope.

Multiple Choice Bible?
Does your Bible study play multiple "choice?"

Muslim Children Caught in System of Hate and Death
The use of children in warfare is one of the most tragic developments in modern conflicts.

New Gospel Video Already a Soul Winner
The new 80-minute gospel video, The Light of the World, is now available on VHS and DVD format.

How Did God Preserve His Words to this Day?
Answer: Down through history, God chose several languages to communicate His message.

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Bible Versions: People Seem to be Running Out of Questions
Chick's stand for the King James Version as the preserved Words of God created a barrage of outrage as well as legitimate inquiries.

Roman Church Still Claims Supreme Authority Over the World
Someone said that the conflict in Iraq is not a war but only a skirmish in a larger war.

UN Homosexual Group Calls For 'Showdown With Religion'
Paula Ettelbrick, executive director of the San Francisco-based International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, vowed that the pope's "call to arms" against homosexual marriage would be successfully combated.

U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Sodomy Laws
Homosexual rights activists are literally dancing in the streets (of San Francisco) celebrating the Supreme Court's ruling striking down the Texas law against sodomy.

Information: Another Embarrassment for Evolutionists
Evolutionists often claim that a monkey pounding on a computer keyboard would probably type meaningful words occasionally if given enough time.

Mother Teresa on Fast Track to Goddesshood
The pope has approved the first of two miracles necessary to make Mother Teresa an official Roman Catholic "saint."

Tract Ministry Becomes More Than a 'Rack in the Lobby'
Many churches, if they have tracts at all, will only have a rack or table where people can help themselves.

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Fourteen Muslims Trampled in Annual Pilgrimage
Fourteen Muslim pilgrims were trampled to death in this year's hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. An estimated 2 million Muslim pilgrims completed this year's annual hajj ritual.

USPS Regulations on Tracts to Soldiers
The US Postal Service has issued a clarification of regulations for mail and parcels sent to military personnel stationed in Muslim countries.

Pope Insists that the Wafer Really is Jesus
Pope John Paul II used the Thursday before Easter to remind the world that the doctrine of the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist is not negotiable.

What Would You Do If .....?
You knew that some of your church leaders belonged to a secret Society with ceremonies derived from pagan, even satanic rituals?