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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents - 2004

Afghanistan's New Constitution Worries Christians
Long term goals in Afghanistan's government becoming more of a threat towards Christians.

Biblical Authority at Issue in Ordination of Homosexual
The ordination of a practicing homosexual as an Episcopal bishop in Massachusetts has a lot of people in the "mainline Protestant" churches thumbing through their Bibles.

Youngsters Told to 'Construct' Their Own Gender
The next frontier for homosexual activism is to establish the concept of transgender into the culture.

Council Member's Strong Stand Defeats Homosexual Law
Last year, the Metro Council of Nashville Tennessee narrowly defeated a proposal to prohibit employment discrimination based on "sexual orientation" in the city government.

Pope Moves to Protect the Catholic 'Jesus' Idol
Vatican officials have issued new guidelines for the performance of the Catholic Mass, centerpiece of the ritual of their liturgy.

Thousands of Tracts Taken From Merchant Displays
Dale Detro is excited about a new tract ministry his church has started...

It's All About Ecumenism
The following news items have recently appeared in several sources, chronicling the accelerating advance of ecumenism, the drive to unity needed to establish the end-time, apostate, world church.

Congress Members Request UN Supervision of Election
Thirteen members of the U.S. Congress have sent a formal letter to the UN Secretary General requesting that the UN supervise the upcoming presidential elections.

Pressure Mounting on Schools to Teach Evolution as Theory
When students come to believe that evolution is true, they are ready to believe the bigger lie that the biblical account of creation is just a myth.

Soul Winners Excited About New Gospel Video-Because It Works!
Thousands of copies of "The Light Of The World" video have gone out since it was introduced in October.

Really – How Old IS That Fossil?
Evolutionists speak with great confidence when they toss around dates related to age of earth and fossils.

Shadow of Persecution Advancing Toward U.S. Christians
High profile news of persecution of Christians in Muslim countries may be masking a more subtle threat to the spread of the gospel in the free world.

Gibson's "Passion" Masterful Ecumenism
Now that Mel Gibson's film, "The Passion of the Christ", has been widely viewed, many varied opinions have emerged.

Public Schools New Recruiting Field for Homosexuals
In the campaign to recruit our children into the homosexual lifestyle, one organization has been formed to promote it specifically to school children.

Have You Ever Told a Lie? New Video Helps People See How Un-Good They Are
Video producer Jim Tetlow believes that sometimes you have to get some people lost before you can get them saved.

Soul Winners Get Creative on Halloween
Soul winners are gearing up again this year to take advantage of the great witnessing opportunity, courtesy of Lucifer on his night to howl.

Street Team Jailed Under Hate Speech Law
Hate speech laws are gaining momentum but a test case is in court in Philadelphia.

Catholic Hispanics Finding 'Something Better' in the Gospel
Nearly 20 percent of Hispanics nationwide have converted to evangelical Christianity in the last 10 years.

Is There a Foreign Mission Field Near You?
One soul winner in Australia uses Chick foreign language tracts in a unique way.

Who Really Owns Jerusalem?
Right now, the focus of the world is on Iraq, but it is only part of a much larger problem that some call the clash of cultures.

A Message From Jack Chick - January/February
Should preachers include Catholics when naming “Christian” denominations?

A Message From Jack Chick - March/April
Do you know what your kids are being taught in school?

A Message From Jack Chick - May/June
So many people feel unloved, this new tract will show them the love God has for them.

A Message From Jack Chick - July/August
A few weeks ago, I buried an old friend of mine from grade school.

A Message From Jack Chick - September/October
A witch tells a pastor that she had visited his church to buy drugs that were being sold in the church’s youth department.

A Message From Jack Chick - November/December
What’s the big deal over Israel?

'Light of the World' Video a True Soul Winner
One pastor who works with prison chaplains wrote: "It is riveting and powerful in its no-punches-pulled approach to the full gospel story..."

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Is Water on Mars a Nail in God's Coffin?
Atheists have claimed for years: "Wherever water is found in its liquid state, life forms. No Creator needed!"

Mormons Gaining Respect but History Still Weird
In April this year, the Illinois legislature passed a resolution apologizing to the Mormons for the 1844 "murder" of Joseph Smith and expulsion of the Mormons from the state.

New Bible Version the Most Perverse Yet
A new Bible translation in England is so radical that it would not be worth mentioning if it were not being promoted by high Anglican officials.

Chick Publications Launches New Series of Children's Tracts
What is the next generation going to be like? Christian Researcher George Barna says look at today's children.

Chaplain: 'No End to a Tract Ministry'
"I'm not tired and I'm not weary, just praising the Lord for the tract and prison ministry He gave me over 26 years ago," writes Dann Slator, better known as Chaplain Dann.

What's Missing in Mel Gibson's 'Passion'? Tell Them the WHOLE Story!
One of the most controversial films to come out of Hollywood is Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ."

Pollster Finds Only 7 Percent of U.S. Adults are Bible Believers.
The recent legalization of homosexual sin appears to be only the tip of the iceberg.

Pope Wants UN to Become 'Moral Center'
Pope John Paul II has used several public speeches and personal meetings this year to push for more UN control of world problems.

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Homosexuals Working Hard to Recruit Our Kids.
The homosexual drive for acceptance and approval is increasingly focused on recruiting in the public schools.

The Stealth Religion
Chances didn't see this religion coming.

Pope visits Shrine of Roman Catholic Goddess
In August of this year, Pope John Paul II made his 104th foreign trip, to the shrine at Lourdes, France.

This Christmas, Remind Everyone that 'Jesus is the Reason for the Season'
This year, 2 billion Christmas cards will be sent from 100 million households in the United States alone.

Did the Catholic Church Really Give Us the Bible?
Gail Riplinger answers this question.

Worldwide Drive for 'Tolerance' Does Not Include the Gospel
One of the impending dangers of the drive by homosexuals for acceptance and approval is showing up in the pressure on legislators to enact hate speech laws.

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Passing Tips

Church Finds Advantages to Using Tracts to Reach Community
Some churches have developed creative ways to use Chick tracts both to get public exposure for their church and sow the gospel into homes in their community.

"How can I get The Light of the World gospel video for MY missionary?"
Do you need LOTW translated into a specific language? Here's how!

'Nothing Could Be Closer to the Truth'
You knew that some of your church leaders belonged to a secret Society with ceremonies derived from pagan, even satanic rituals?

Study Proves Heavy TV Diet Breeds Violence.
Solid evidence has recently been published indicating that a heavy diet of TV by children results in a huge increase in violent behavior.

1200 Saved Watching Chick Gospel Video
Missionary Bill Eubanks has just returned from Nairobi, Kenya where he showed an English version of the Chick Gospel video, The Light of the World and led 1200 people to Christ.