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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents - 2006

Allah Or Jesus?
We'll let you decide.

Science 'Discovers' We All Have Common Ancestors
This is the conclusion of a supercomputer and statistical study reported in Nature magazine, the most prestigious of the scientific journals.

One Heartbeat Away Anwers. People demand answers.
As Christians, when we witness to people, they so often throw lots of questions at us, and they want answers. Now.

Cardinal Calls Immigrant Bill a 'Vicious' Assault
A bill on immigrant reform that passed the House of Representatives in December has been attacked by Cardinal Roger Mahony as a "vicious" assault on immigrants.

Legislature Caves In on Parental Rights
The Georgia Legislature recently attempted to pass a bill giving parents the option to object when their child was about to join a homosexual club at school.

Military Chaplains Pressured Not to 'Proselytize'
The military is not immune to the forces that would remove religion from public life.

Why Students Cheat
Are educators sending kids a mixed message about cheating?

Vatican and WCC Want to Cure Soul Winners' 'Obsession'
The Vatican and the World Council of Churches are planning a three-year project together to come up with a "common code for religious conversions."

Spacecraft Finds More Evidence Debunking Evolution
The Cassini spacecraft that arrived in orbit around Saturn last year has made several discoveries that honest evolutionists will find disturbing.

Intelligent Design, Is There Evidence?
When evolutionist judges and the popular press speak of intelligent design, they often claim, like this quote from The Wall Street Journal, "There is not a shred of evidence to support this theory."

New Evidence for Human Evolution?
"Strongest evidence yet, that humans are still evolving..."

‘Graduation Gift Helped Change My Life’
Soul winners are very creative in finding uses for gospel tracts.

Danger of Hate Speech Laws Becoming Apparent
Pastor Eke Green has been cleared of charges of hate crime by the Swedish Supreme Court.

What are the holidays good for?
During the holidays we may complain about traffic, about irritable salespeople, the hassle of finding just the right gift, and so on. But the holidays just might be good for something.

Judges Increasingly Hostile to Soul Winning
Navy chaplain faces possible discharge and fines for quoting the bible and praying in Jesus' name during a sermon at a funeral.

Hate Hotline Another Threat to Free Speech
The Boulder Colorado City Council recently allocated $16,000 for a trial run of a "hate hotline" where citizens can report incidents of "hatred" not punishable as a crime.

Indulgences Granted for Worship of Mary
Pope Benedict XVI granted plenary indulgences to anyone who worshiped before a statue of the Virgin Mary goddess before December 8, 2005.

A Message From Jack Chick - January/February
We are now fighting a new kind of war in the Middle East.

A Message From Jack Chick - March/April
The Vatican did all they could to stop Alberto’s message.

A Message From Jack Chick - May/June
Iran threatens Israel....and God’s warning to believers.

A Message From Jack Chick - July/August
Somehow, Americans are accepting the Islamic faith as a welcomed neighbor in the religious world.

A Message From Jack Chick - September/October
One of the best books I've ever read about Roman Catholicism is Alexander Hislop's “The Two Babylons.”

A Message From Jack Chick - November/December
There IS a way to inoculate young people with the gospel.

New Gospel of Judas Fails Basic Bible Test
This new "gospel" is valuable, not because it carries more truth about Jesus, but because it sheds more light on how the Gnostics had perverted the true gospel.

'Lady of Light' Exposed as Usurper in New Book
"In these difficult days, when our global problems seem insurmountable, a growing number are turning to the Queen of All as perhaps the world's best advocate," writes Jim Tetlow in his new book on Marian apparitions.

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Over 55,000 Christians Martyred Each Year
Believers in India, Indonesia and Pakistan are at the greatest risk.

Can a Christian Be a Mason?
Several years ago this writer (not William Schnoebelen) witnessed an odd mixture at a funeral of a relative....

Millions Deceived by Crying Statues and a 'Lady of Light'
A red trickle from the left eye of a concrete statue of the Virgin Mary at a Vietnamese Catholic Martyrs Church in Sacramento California has attracted a steady stream of visitors hoping for a miracle.

Veteran Missionary Logs 40 Years and 1 Million Tracts
Missionary Gordon Pulley is known as the "million-tract man."

What Made Mohammad a Christian?
Mohammad Al Ghazoli's journey to Christ.

Protestants Looking to Virgin Mary Goddess -- Move over, Jesus
When mainline Protestant denominations abandoned belief that the Bible is God's perfect word, many errors began to creep in.

Iranian President Looking for Muslim Messiah
While the world is focused on Iran's push for a nuclear bomb, another mission by Iran's president goes largely unnoticed.

New Tract Line with Black Characters
Christian workers have been telling us for some time that their work among blacks would be much more effective if they had Chick tracts where the characters in the story were black.

Do You Know This Organization?
At the heart of Masonry is the unbiblical idea that all religions worship the same god.

Court Strips Parents of Education Rights
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has decreed that parents should have no control over what the school decides to teach their child.

Muslim Tracts Used By Pastor to Inoculate Neighborhood
Chick tracts are at the center of a confrontation in Florida over a new Mosque being planned in Pompano Beach.

Can We Still Call Them 'Men of Peace?'
The latest foiled plot by "Islamic fascists" to blow up a bunch of airliners has shocked the world while Western leaders are still trying to sort out Islam's seeming double face.

Why Not a Daddy and Two Mommies?
Now that homosexual marriage is gaining acceptance in America, another perversion is coming out of the closet, demanding equal rights.

History Proves the Power of the KJV
Jesus said that a man would be known by his fruits. Apparently this also applies to Bibles.

Islamic Organization Becoming Powerful Influence
Their “vision” is to “promote justice and mutual understanding,” yet they were swift to move against any community discussion over the dark side of Islam.

Mainline Protestants Adrift Without a Preserved Bible.
According to a recent Associated Press release, the worldwide Anglican church is struggling for "survival."

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

Prison Ministry Letters

PG Rating for Christianity?
A movie rating of PG has been attached to an upcoming movie, apparently solely because it has a "pro-God theme."

Anything but THAT one!
Any bible but the KJV...

Priest’s Heart Visits U.S. for Relic Worship
In October this year, the actual heart of a 19th century French priest was brought to the U.S. for a worship service.

Are Some Roman Catholics Saved?
Even Bible-believing Christians tend to think the Roman Catholics are saved due to sincerity or to their good works.

Homosexual Agenda Beginning to See Setbacks
The war between sexual perversion and decency is heating up.

Christians One Step Closer to Being Called Sick
Can homophobia and other prejudices be illnesses?

New Book by Cahill a Must for Serious Soulwinners
Cahill's first book, One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven, was written to instruct and inspire the believer. His new book is written to the unbeliever.

Swahili ONE WAY! Tract Boosts Youth Outreach in Tanzania
The following story is an excerpt from an email from Bob and Esther Jeffers, missionaries to Tanzania.

The Hit In The Prison
The following letter was received by the Mission Possible ministry to prisoners...

Court Nixes ACLUs Ten Commandments Tirade
Not since Berlin, 1989, has a big wall taken such a big fall.

Do Catholics Know They Are Saved?
This testimony was sent to BATTLE CRY after the last issue containing the article Are Some Roman Catholics Saved?

Tract Fellowship Supplies The Gospel Worldwide
The story of Paul Karmin, director of Amazing Grace Tract Fellowship.

Chick Tracts Get Read!

Chick Tracts Get Read!

Chick Tracts Get Read!

Chick Tracts Get Read!

Chick Tract in Halloween Sack 'Changed My Life'
One young person wrote to us about what happened when his family passed out Chick tracts that the parents provided...

World Cup Soccer Outreach Planned
Amazing Grace Tract Fellowship is gearing up to fund tracts for witnessing teams at the World Cup Soccer matches in Europe this summer.

Tracts in 12 Languages Ready for World Cup Games
Amazing Grace Tract Fellowship continues to fund Chick literature projects and video translations around the world.