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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" Gal. 4:16

Prison Ministry Letters

Issue Date: January/February 2007

I have read your comic books, thanks to my grandfather. The guards at the jail would confiscate our comic books and then we would see them reading them. Praise God! I believe that there were seeds planted.
J. A., Colorado

I’m in Alamance County Jail and a friend gave me a couple of your booklets to read and they really helped me out. I finally decided to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.
R. C. Graham, NC

We have used your tracts and read your material since the seventies. And what a coincidence that the Bad Bob tract was eighty-five percent my testimony! I started the jail fire in 1974! I was a spoiled brat and vice president of a Detroit motorcycle club. I am so glad I can use the tract officially as my testimony. I have been pastoring for thirteen years.
B. N.

We have used your tracts for over 25 years and love them. We have raised our children with them. And now they use them in their ministries. I have seen over 100 people saved in the last 10 years at the jail where I work.
— I. W., Arizona

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