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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" Gal. 4:16

Chick Mail Bag

Issue Date: March/April 2008

I will always feel a connection to your ministry, because of the great part your gospel tracts played in my salvation. I can still remember turning to the back page of Demon’s Nightmare and recording my date of conversion, just like it was yesterday. This January 23rd will mark my 35th year born again. Praise God for his faithfulness!
B.T.S. - E-mail

I would like to personally thank him (Jack Chick) for all his tracts. I think I have read them all. I have given away hundreds on the oil platforms in the North Sea where I work as a pipeline welder/missionary. Lots of people have read them out there and asked me for more.
B.F. - Scotland

Thank you for your tracts. I got saved in jail June 18, 2007. When I got out I went and joined the local Baptist Church. One of the first members to welcome me gave me a Chick tract. I read it and agreed it could be a very useful witnessing tool. I ordered Bad Bob, Party Girl, Gun Slinger and Busted. I figured these titles would speak to the hearts of lost people I was formerly running around sinning with. When I received them I was amazed! These tracts speak the language that can be understood by crack-heads, wild women and criminals of all sorts.
R.H. - Shelby, NC

I found Hi There in a pile of trash in a construction site I was working at as a security guard. I read it. Then began to read the Bible. I rejected the Mormon Church and asked the Real Jesus Christ into my heart.
C.K. - Boron,CA

Thank you Mr. Chick for writing the tract Unforgiven. I had a family member convert over to Islam several years ago and ended up hanging himself in jail. I am a black missionary Baptist pastor and Chief Counselor at one of Georgia’s many prisons. I see this spiritual deception on a first hand basis. Thank you for the black character tracts and especially the Masonry tracts. I wrote and asked you years ago to make the first one. I am not popular especially in the black Baptist Church but I speak and teach my congregation about Masonry.
O.W. - Carrollton, GA

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