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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents - 2009

Pope Pressured to Reveal Names of 'Lost Jews'
Jewish leaders are concerned that these Jews, raised Catholic from childhood, have a right to know their Jewish heritage.

If Jesus Lied, Can He be God?
By leaving out one little word, translators of many Bibles turn one of Jesus’ statements into a lie. What difference a little word makes!

Mainline Churches Use Defective Bibles to Approve Sin
Don’t like what the Bible says? Just choose one that justifies your sin!

240,000 Gospel 'Seeds' Planted in Zimbabwe: Harvest Ripe
Chick tracts and gospel film help lead thousands to Christ in Zimbabwe.—Another Powerful Witnessing Tool
Witness online with the help of

God Weighs in on Pro-Homosexual Vote?
Church leaders voting to approve homosexuality got a bit of a surprise from the weather. Was God sending a message?

New Discoveries Continue to Shake the Evolutionist's World
The little "flipper" that propels a bacterium shows how impossible it was for life to form without God.

'Why Did You Put My Story in this Tract?'
When you share a gospel tract, sometimes God does something amazing by bringing just the right person.

New Spanish Bible Corrects Alexandrian Pollution
New RVG Bible corrects the problems of the Reina Valera and provides a completely accurate Bible in Spanish.

Pope Proposes 'World Political Authority' with 'Real Teeth'
The Bible predicts a world government under a single global authority. Is "The Beast" nearly upon us?

'We Couldn't Pass Them Out Fast Enough'
Christians having fun using Halloween for Jesus.

Gunslinger Tract Perfect for Old Town Ministry
This retired Christian uses a "gunslinger" costume and Chick tract to share Jesus in an old western town.

Soul Winners: Double Your Fun This Halloween
Great ideas you can use to witness to the kids coming to your door at Halloween.

Market Manager Supplies Both Kinds of Food
Just one man with a heart for God, doing his bit to meet his neighbor's need for food for both soul and body.

Is 'Hell' Missing from Your Bible?
Why do so many modern Bibles remove hell? Does it make the translators "uncomfortable?"

Chick Tracts in Foreign Languages Very Popular with Missionaries
Update on 2009 missionary projects with Chick tracts.

At the J&J Apartments, They Kill You...
We were able to hand out (with God's help) 40-50 tracts and no one turned us down. We were even able to lead a Muslim to Christ!

Sodomites Continuing Push for Approval
The homosexual steam roller is picking up speed.

Jerusalem, God's Barometer, is Reading 'Storm'
Many who believe that Jerusalem is the barometer of biblical prophecy are watching with increased fascination.

Muslim TV Exec Beheads Wife Over Divorce
A killing in Buffalo, New York has horrified Americans and provided varying degrees of shock in the Muslim community.

Is It Possible to be a 'Born-Again' Catholic?
Here are a few answers to this question...

A Conversation with Two Jehovah's Witnesses
Tips from Daniel Rodriguez on how to win the Witnesses.

Without Truth, U.S. a Nation of Spiritual 'Drifters'
The people in the U.S. are a nation of “drifters,” according to a recent report by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

Survey: Next Generation Short on Ethics
A study by a California ethics organization paints a worrisome picture of the next generation.

Evolution: Faith — Not Science!
Because they are complex, many things appear to have been designed and created: cars, refrigerators, the earth and particularly the living things that live on earth...

Will Mutations Rescue General Motors?
Mutations, random accidental changes which are passed on to the offspring by heredity, are claimed by evolutionists to be the reason for the many kinds of living things in the world around us.

'Christianity Changes People's Hearts' Says Avowed Atheist
“In Africa, Christianity changes people's hearts.” To believers, this is not a surprising statement, but coming from an avowed atheist, it is a rare admission.

Satan Has Lots of Ideas for America's Spiritual Vacuum
America's slide away from a Bible-based culture has left a vacuum for many of Satan's counterfeits to fill. Spiritism, and other forms of pagan superstition are growing as a result.

Roman Priest: 'Inferior only to God'
Evangelicals, who lack information about the Roman Catholic system, do not realize the elevated view of the priests. In America and in public, they seem more like regular guys who wear strange uniforms.

'Mr. President, What Shall We Do With Jerusalem?'
The American president has a problem. When Zechariah saw the vision of all the nations gathered against Jerusalem, he could have been reading today's news.

A Message From Jack Chick - January/February
It is our duty as bible-believers to lift up our presidents, congress, judges and local authorities in prayer.

A Message From Jack Chick - March/April
Too many people take blessings in life for granted.

A Message From Jack Chick - May/June
If you think witchcraft is dead, you are not living on this planet.

A Message From Jack Chick - July/August
Are you busy "fishing for men," too?

A Message From Jack Chick - September/October
Can we make a difference? You bet!

A Message From Jack Chick - November/December
History shows that even after God's judgment has begun, there is still hope if people will turn to Him. It's not too late!

'Most True JWs Are Dead or Very Old'—Author
Evangelist Daniel Rodriguez has been witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses for over 22 years.

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Chick Mail Bag

Sodomites Attack Donors to Yes-on-Marriage Amendment
As America continues to legalize sin, those committed to evil become more bold in attacking people standing for righteousness.

Priests Apologize for 'Limbo' Babies Buried in Mass Graves
Finally giving in to pressure from grieving parents, the Roman Catholic leadership in Belfast Ireland has allowed a search for unmarked mass graves of unbaptised babies.

Hindu Militants Offer $250 to Kill a Pastor
Hindu militants in the Orissa state of India have mounted a campaign to eliminate as many Christians as possible from their state.

Jesus was a Palestinian?
"Christianity was started by a young Palestinian named Jesus." Hundreds of such distortions and lies were found in a five-year study of 28 of the most widely used social studies textbooks in U.S. public schools.

We Plant — God Gives the Increase
"Jesus spoke of the word of God being like seed sown in a field..."

Pollster: American Christians Mostly 'Casual'
Christian Pollster George Barna has identified what he calls “Seven Faith Tribes,” in America.

Prison Ministry Letters

Purgatory is Really Hell
Purgatory's purpose is to "burn away" the "stains of sins" that prevent one from full acceptance into heaven.

Will 'Right to Die' Become 'Obligation to Die?'
“I just feel if we can do it for animals, we can do it for human beings.” Robert Baxter, a 75-year-old retired truck driver in Montana is referring to his petition to the state supreme court to allow a doctor to kill him.

Homosexual Activist Picked for Job of National School Safety
Kevin Jennings, founder of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN), has been appointed to a high office in the Obama Education Department.

8 Weeks Jail for Distributing Chick Tracts in Singapore
In a trial that has dragged on for over a year, Dorothy Leng and Ong Cheong were finally sentenced to jail for their "offences [that] affected the very foundation of Singapore society," according to Judge Roy Neighbour.

Survey: Only 1 Percent of Young Adults Have Biblical World View
A recent survey finds that the youngest adults in America are increasingly confused about biblical truth.

Tamil Light of the World Broadcast in India
Originally produced in English and Spanish, it helps people to truly understand the gospel in over 20 languages. Have you shown it at your church?

'Seasoned' Soul Winners: We've Got to Pass It On
As this generation of soul winners moves on, it is critical that the next generation is inspired (and trained) in witnessing.

FREE--TAKE ONE: Tract Racks Saturate Community with Gospel
Five years ago, Pastor Jerry Campbell of Abundant Life Baptist Church decided to see what he could do to seed more gospel into his community in rural Indiana.

Chick Tracts Get Read!
"I've enjoyed your tracts for years and I thank you for making it easier for me to witness about Jesus Christ."

'Global Transformation' Threatens Soul Winning
Biblical world watchers such as Dave Hunt and Beit Kjos are sounding the alarm on the recent global turmoil.

Where Can We Find the True Words of God?
The Battle Cry Editor recently sat down with David W. Daniels, author of several books on the Bible version issue. Here is the interview...

Missionary Finds Africa 'Wide Open' to the Gospel
"Africa is wide open," says missionary Bill Eubanks. "They will take all the tracts you can give them and they respond and get saved."

Chick Missions Fund Helps Send 240,000 Tracts to Zambia
Not satisfied with just reaching their communities, many Chick customers are sacrificing to reach out to the world.





Battle Cry

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