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Chick Tracts a Core Tool In Church Planting
Issue Date: March/April 2011

As a 21-year-old new Christian, Jerry Alford participated in the start up of a Baptist church in north Florida that strategically used Chick tracts as one of its primary resources.  This early experience with Chick tracts would be the basis for future missionary work in Venezuela. He writes:

One way to measure the success of using Chick tracts is through the number of churches that have been started using this tremendous tool.

Upon arriving in the interior of Venezuela as a missionary, we immediately prepared for the launch of a new church.  In our small, interior town on the edge of the jungle it was common to see vendors set up a small table on a busy street corner to sell their goods.  It seemed like a great idea!  We set up a small table with several stacks of Chick tracts and shared them freely with hundreds of curious people who passed by.  With the Chick booklets we were successful in meeting dozens of new people and winning many of them to the Lord.

In addition to our street corner table, we went door-to-door evangelizing and even ventured out into the savanna where there were no roads or bridges.  Today, as a result of the impact of these Chick booklet initiatives, there is a strong church in Caricara that is expanding. 

This church now has a Bible Institute, a large Bible Camp with several hundred acres, and at least three other missions.  Praise God for giving us tools like Chick literature.  Chick tracts are a valuable tool for placing the gospel in the hands of the lost, seeing the salvation of many souls, and the planting of churches. 

In Maracay, Venezuela, our strategy was to use five different Chick tracts throughout five different weeks.  Each week, we would visit the same homes with a different Chick tract.  During each visit we would take time to present the plan of salvation.  Many repented unto salvation, were baptized, and became the foundation nucleus of the new Fountain of Love Baptist Church. It quickly grew to about 200 in attendance as we continued our Chick tract strategy.  

This same method has been used with Mount Nebo Baptist Church as well as other new churches in the cities of San Mateo, Barines, Mariana, Paraparal, Trujillo, etc.
Words cannot express the value of Chick literature in our ministry.  It has also been a tool for discipleship as we used books like Smokescreens, and The Next Step, plus the large, illustrated Crusader Comic Series.

Chick tracts have been and are my number-one, core tool in over 20 years of church planting activity.  Why?  It works!  Thank you for publishing and supplying Chick tracts to us and other missionaries.  There is always a need for more Chick tracts in church planting.  In our ministry, we could use 100,000 tracts of one individual title.

Even now, we have a new church being born.  Everyone is excited about what God is doing.  These four men pictured on the next page have been helping us distribute the Chick tracts and as you can see in the previous pictures the people and children are very interested in the literature.  They rush up to us begging for more booklets to read.  These booklets have helped start this new church.  As always, God does more than we can imagine or think.  Recently, a small group of 30 people in a neighboring town, who have been reading the Chick literature, asked us to help them start a mission in their home and also on the Island of Margarita.  Praise the Lord.

If you would like to get involved in this ministry you can write to: Jerry Alford, Missionary to Venezuela, 3931 White Horse Rd., Greenville, S.C. 29611

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