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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents - 2013

Table of Contents May/June 2013

The "Twin Towers" of the Vatican
The two central teachings in which the Roman Catholic Church finds "safety" and keeps its grip on millions.

Mormon Leadership Admits "Mistakes"
Mormon President Uchtdorf admits some teachings "could cause people to question."

How Do You "Add" to God's Words?
It starts with taking some of God's words "out." Then you add some of man's words "in." See how it can change a basic doctrine.

Gospel Seeds in Zambia Grow Flourishing Churches
Missionary tells how Chick tracts have helped him establish and build churches in Zambia.

Comic Shows True Escape from Gangland
Introducing "Black Angel." From the mean streets of Ontario, California, to salvation, this comic tells the true story of one gang member's journey to Christ.

But it has Jesus in it!
No one can resists little Havilah when she offers a Chick tract. How our family found a ministry with Chick tracts.

I Knew I Had No Excuse
How I got started really witnessing for Jesus. It all started with giving out tracts, and I found myself growing from there.

Even Military Becoming Hostile to Christians
Military leaders are increasing their war on Christianity. They say, "Don't bring that here."

A Christian's Immediate Evangelistic Device (IED)... A Chick Tract
This Evangelistic 'Warrior' shares examples of easy ways to use tracts to 'wage spiritual war' against Satan.

Classic Chance to Update the Bible
Ezra was presented with the perfect opportunity to update the Bible. Rather, he did what every faithful pastor should be doing.

Scotland Law to Place All Children Under Government Care
Europe continues to give us an object lesson on where our own culture and government is going. Is home schooling a form of "neglect", enabling the government to seize the children?

Shallow Churches Push Kids Toward Atheism
Youth leaders who are only half-hearted in their beliefs are turning kids away from God.

Zambia Trade Fair Seeded with the Gospel
This missionary couple discovered a local trade fair and tracts were the perfect recipe to spread the Gospel with fantastic results.

How Not to Waste a Phone Call
God gives us opportunities. Who knows what victories the Lord may have in store for you?

Popular Website Tract Reintroduced
Thousands of people read this message on the Chick website weekly. Now it is available once more in print.

New Pope; Same Old Deception
Pope Francis is continuing to push 'unity,' sacrificing the Bible along the way.

Abortion Fallout Exposing 'House of Horrors'
When the Gosnell case revealed the gory business of killing babies, it became clear what a horror legalized abortion in America has become.

A Crucial Time in Spanish Bible History
There is a war going on right now for the preserved words of God in Spanish.

Hate Speech Laws Threaten Freedom to Witness
You can't have freedom of religion without freedom of speech.

Gospel Saturation Plan Softens Hearts in Mexico
Sociologist finds creative ways to get people to read the Gospel.

What Are Gospel Publishers Hiding?
To understand why ther are so many new Bible versions, just follow the money.

The Ones I Let Get Away
My failure as a Christian witness. Don't repeat my mistake!

Christians Becoming Public Enemy #1 -Worldwide
Secular news media begin admitting that Christians suffer greater persecution across the world than any other religious group. What can be done about it?

Tracts Still Work -Even at 55 Below Zero
Read the adventures of a lady cab driver armed with Chick tracts.

Philippine Prisons Open to Chick Tracts
May 2013 report on the Chick Mission Fund.

Beyond "Don't Ask; Don't Tell"
Since welcoming homosexuals, the U.S. military has been using intimidation and accusations to silence Christians in the military. Some fear even their careers are in jeopardy if they go to church.

Gunpowder and Your KJV Bible
The fascinating history of the "Gunpowder Plot" which was supposed to prevent the production of the English Bible authorized by King James.

Evolution is Marvelous: Now a River is a Person
The strange after-effects of teaching evolution.

It's Like Daring God
The common practice of changing God's words is like daring God to deliver on his promise of curses for those who do.

Is 'Evangelical' Catholicism Really Evangelical?
"Protestant" turned Catholic claims Catholicism is "evangelical." But which "gospel" do they proclaim?

Adventures of Tim B
Tim Berends shows how using creative ideas to pass tracts leads to real Christian adventure.

Up in Arms over -- Arm Evolution
If people's arms evolved from ape's arms, why are they shorter and weaker? Isn't evolution supposed to bring "improvement?"

DOJ: "Home Schooling Not a Right in America."
The State's right to teach your children the religion of humanism supercedes the rights of parents to teach their own children. Both Hitler (and current governments) understand the importance of getting control of the children.

The Steepest Generation: 1963-2013
Every generation, like every roller coaster, has its ups and downs. But this generation is in a terrifying decline with many wondering, "where is the bottom?".

Are We the "Barney Generation?"
We are not placed here to be spectators. God put us here for a purpose: to spread the Gospel, because there really is a judgement at the end.

Some Need to be Shocked into the Kingdom.
The Chick tract angered him. He cursed and threw it away. But when he died that night eight of his co-workers were shocked into reality and turned to God.

Chick Tracts Reach Catholics in Goa, India
Chick tracts you provided through the Mission Fund are reaching many for Christ in India.

Confessions of a Chick Tract User
Don't think you have time to witness? Think again. Chick tracts can help you reach even those who think they are "too busy."

70,000 School Kids Get Gospel -In Zimbabwe
Missionaries Bill and Janet Eubanks have found a fertile field in the public schools... in Zimbabwe.

Creeping Sharia -It's Not a Theory
Many cities in Europe are experiencing what happens when Muslims obtain a foothold.

Do You Converse to Just "Talk" -or With Eternity in Mind?
Mark Cahill is always looking for a way to turn a conversation into a discussion about eternity. In his new book, The Watchmen, he lets us sit in on some of his intriguing conversations. Here is one of dozens of examples.

Two Verses That Could Have Changed My Life
"It is possible I never would have become a Mormon if only I had known Galatians 1:8-9."

German Chancellor Declares Christians 'Most Persecuted'
Some groups claimed it was just 'rumors,' but here are the facts.

Parents beware
Satan's struggle to capture the next generation continues in our government schools.

A Message From Jack Chick

A Message From Jack Chick

A Message From Jack Chick

A Message From Jack Chick

A Message From Jack Chick

A Message From Jack Chick

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Battle Cry

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