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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents - 2014

Italian Pentecostals Not Buying Pope's 'Unity'
Where the majority of Italian Evangelicals are objecting to the pope's overtures for unity, few in the U.S. have raised the issue. Do the Italians know something we don't know?

Tract Pointed Him to Christ; Now He's Sowing Gospel Seed in Zambia
Missionary to Zambia comes across an 'old friend' on the mission field.

Christians Becoming Poster Children for Satan's Lies
With doubt in God's Word on the rise, it is becoming more common for "Christians" to push a secular view point.

Fishermen's Club Sends Gospel Bait to Businesses
Jim Neale has developed a new way to get a gospel message to local businesses.

Is 'Freedom of Worship' Freedom of Religion?
When our government leaders use the term "freedom of worship" rather than "freedom of religion" are they taking us one step closer to stripping us of our right to evangelize?

Prisoners Grateful for 40+-Year-Old Ministry
Prisoners are ripe for the gospel. Chaplain Woody responded to the call over 40 years ago and his ministry is still going strong.

Hong Kong Protests More Than Political
Beijing's decades-old effort to stamp out spiritual belief may finally be falling apart.

I Hate To Waste
Are we wasting this precious resource from God?

Catholicism's Happy Face Masks Same Old Bondage
Purgatory... still the same. The new pope offers time off from punishment if you follow his Twitter account.

Street Witnessing Surprise
Chaplain Dann finds a surprising way to witness. See how he does it.

Does Your Church Trust a Bible that Doesn't Exist?
If your church believes only in the reliability of originals that we no longer have, it confesses faith in a Bible that does not exist.

Same-Sex Mania
As a judge watches the changing sexual standards of society, he asks "does this mean incest is going to be accepted?"

Tracting at Mardi Gras
Witnessing in difficult or hostile places sometimes requires careful selection of the right tract, and a good idea for presenting it. Tim Berends offers several.

Chick tracts for your missionaries... it's growing!
Donations to the Missions Fund has been growing. Here are some of the countries where those donations are sending tracts.

Tract 'Blitzes' Enlarge Mission in Trinidad
Missionary James Hoffmeister, in Trinidad, sends his report of how the Lord is using him and Chick tracts in Trinidad and neighboring Guyana.

Pope's 'Unity' Push in High Gear
How would one go about establishing 'world peace'? Why, bringing all religions together under one False Prophet, of course.

New Church In Dominican Republic After Saturation with Chick Tracts
The following report is from the Dominican Republic, where you helped us send 20,000 tracts in February.

If 'Evangelism' is Dying, What Shall We DO?
Evangelism is dying in the U.S. What have missionaries discovered that could help us here?

Somewhere, Every Three Hours a Christian Dies for His Faith
While Christians abroad often face torture or death, American Christians are comfortable and apathetic. But the "freedom FROM religion" movement in the U.S. promises changes ahead.

They're After Your Children!
For years laws in California and some other states have been passed that allow gay advocates more and more access to your child. But there IS something you can do.

Christian Media Pushing Ecumenism
A popular Christian magazine is promoting the idea of cooperating with Rome by focusing only on things that unite us, ignoring the differences as if they do not matter. But error mixed with truth is still error.

Missionary Pressured to 'Unite as One' with Catholics
Ecumenism pressure is building in many parts of the mission field. This email just came from a ministry in Latin America.

What's Wrong with this Picture?
Catholics are given two more advocates to pray to... instead of Jesus.

'Comfortable Christianity... —Is Over!'
The age of comfortable and respectable Christianity in the U.S.A. is giving way to an age of rising resistance and hostility.

The Snowball From Hell
As retiring pastors are being replaced by graduates from ecumenical colleges, the ecumenical movement is gaining momentum. The demand: evangelization of Catholics must stop!

Do You Really Believe God?
Would you trust this man to translate the Bible?

If We Plant the Seed, God Will Give The Increase
Some claim that Gospel tracts are a waste of time. These people, who found a tract while near to suicide, beg to differ!

Rome's New Velvet Glove Make-Over
The Vatican has finally figured out how to stop Christians from witnessing to Catholics.

Shipment Was Late —Right On Time
Missionaries to the Philippines rejoice in the Lord's timing. Here is their report on one of the projects supported through the Chick Mission Fund.

'Humble' New Pope Making Firm Push for One-World Religion
With his push for 'unity', pope Francis is laying the groundwork for a one-world religion.

Bitterness Finally Solved —at Age 85
Abused and scarred for life, she discovered the treasure of the gospel she hadn't found in her Roman Catholic church.

'Unity' —Lubricated by Emotion
One of the criticisms of the Charismatic Movement is that they have abandoned truth for emotion. Looking back over their 50 years of history, there is no doubt that emotion has clouded their vision and the pope is continuing to capitalize on this.

Doubt the Bible? Check Out God's Promise to Israel.
There is a direct correlation between the alarming number of massive disasters striking America and her leaders pressuring Israel to surrender her land for 'peace.'

No Place for "Fundamentalists" in Pope's "Brave New World"
Who are these 'Fundamentalists' and why is there no tolerance for them by the pope.

Missionaries Use Saturation Blitzes to 'Seed' a City
How do you reach a city of 2 million+ with the gospel? After several years of groundwork in Juarez, Mexico, Missionary Tim Urling is on a roll.

One World Bible for One World Religion
Jesuits have been influencing Bible societies and Bible translation projects, succeeding in shifting the Bible text to accommodate Roman Catholic dogma and the push for 'unity'.

New Pope Speaks for Political Salvation
The new Jesuit pope continues his campaign for unity of world religions but now has spoken in favor of the forces driving toward one-world government.

Philippines Has Open Door to the Gospel
Mission Fund Report - Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) caused massive destruction in the Philippines and took the lives of over 5,000 people. Many of you have donated to our Mission's Fund which has helped us provide thousands of free tracts to missionaries in the Philippines. Here's an update on what's going on there.

New Tract a Shot at the Watchtower
This new tract for Jehovah's Witnesses shows clearly that the Watchtower Society does not claim to be inspired, and that the Scriptures prove Jesus is Jehovah.

Soul Winners, We Have Work to Do
As American's first President, George Washington, predicted that faith and morality would be required for democracy to survive. Many Americans think we can go on without God, but the Founders knew otherwise.

They Just Couldn't Leave 'Bad Enough' Alone
The NIV is proof that some people can't leave bad enough alone. The first NIV actually got something right. Now Zondervan has "fixed" it with an outrageous change.

Humanists Desperate to Protect Government Schools
American Humanist Association sues teacher for praying, because of fear that some student might "hear." Imagine that!

A Message From Jack Chick

A Message From Jack Chick

A Message From Jack Chick

A Message From Jack Chick

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A Message From Jack Chick

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Battle Cry

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