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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents - 2015

POPE FRANCIS: The White Knight to Save the World?
Recently, the U.S. saw a magnificent spectacle. Millions watched in person —and more millions viewed by TV— as a white-robed figure interrupted the lives and snarled the traffic of the nation’s capital and largest city.

Can Using 15 Bibles Give Us God's Words?
15 Bibles? You're going to have "interpretations" - people's private commentaries - not "translations."

UN Has a New Plan for World Peace
It's true, the planet is in a mess. But the pope's fix is rooted in human wisdom and political power, rather than hearts changed by the Spirit of God.

Winsome Pope: Vicar of Christ or Anti-Christ?
Christianity Today says pope has come 'From Anti-Christ to Brother in Christ' in a Christianity Today article. So, who is right and what changed?

Bookstore Owner's Vision Stirs Whole Community
How one man made a difference for Christ in his town. An easy example we can all follow.

More Churches Started With Chick Tracts
Reports from missionaries who use tracts, provided by the Chick Mission Fund, come back from all over the world.

Opportunistic Vatican on the Move Again
Pope Francis wants the world's political and religious leaders to join together against climate change. A platform to work toward global political and religious unity.

Missionary Says Tracts are a Game Changer
Missionaries are finding Chick gospel tracts to be essential tools for saturating communities with the gospel, often leading to starting of new churches.

Homosexual Militants Eying Our Basic Freedoms
Homosexual activists move one step closer to their ultimate goal.

Abortion's New Level of Evil Opens Witnessing Opportunity
A recent video on YouTube reveals a high-level administrator in Planned Parenthood's abortion field admitting to abortion procedures carefully executed to preserve certain organs in the murdered baby.

Shocked Muslims a New Witnessing Opportunity
The rise of the radical Islamist Jihadist movement, ISIS, has sent shock waves through the Muslim world. Many 'moderate' Muslims are beginning to say to themselves: 'Is this the Islam that I belong to?

Fossilized Mosquito Drilling Holes in Theory of Evolution
To Bible believers, the answer is obvious. But some scientists choose to just scratch their heads, hoping 'science' will eventually come up with an explanation.

Four Words That Open the Doorway to Satanism
And they are found in a commonly used Bible!

Biblical Marriage the Casualty of the "Sexual Revolution"
For fifty years, one court case after another has jackhammered away at the foundations of marriage. So, where are we headed now?

The Best Retirement "Investment"
This couple found a way to make their "Golden Years" productive—for eternity.

"United Religions" Idea Floated from Unlikely Source
Former Israeli leader suggests a "UN of religions" headed by the pope (who wants Jerusalem).

Was Jesus a Divine Sinner?
Two modern Bibles removed a single word, and present Jesus as a sinner.

KJV a Major Obstacle to the New World Order
A famous occultist reveals how the King James Bible is hindering the New World Order.

Science Discovers Faith, But in What?
The public's trust in “science” is increasingly frayed.

Advice of 47 Years
With nearly 5 decades in the ministry, Dr. Gerald Sutek shares the how street preaching builds men of God with character.

New Churches Continue Springing Up From Tract Saturation
Many reports are coming to Chick Publications of tract saturation efforts on the mission fields leading to new churches.

Pope Francis Making a Sharper Left Turn
He has decided that humanism and big government can help him consolidate papal power.

Many Muslims Searching for Truth
Violence done by the hands of Muslims has many of them questioning who they really serve. We must be prepared to share the true Saviour with them.

Churches Next For Homoactivists
Homosexual leader calls for churches to be forced to take homosexuality off the "sin list." Followers respond with violent attacks.

"Anyone Over Six Feet Gets One of These"
Tim Berends gives great ideas on how to pass out tracts (and get them accepted).

Great Cost of Tolerating Sin
When Christians in America went soft on sin a century ago, the fruit was not immediately obvious. Now we are beginning to see a horrible harvest.

Why I Don't Trust the New King James
Author gives three examples of why he will stay with his tried-and-true King James Bible.

Tracts Work —In Prisons and On the Streets
These 'paper missionaries' continue to be efficient soul-winners around the world.

One-World Code Words Foreshadow Trouble for Bible Believers
Anyone who suggests that another's 'ideology' might consign him to hell is now labeled a violent extremist.

Is a Window for the Gospel Closing in India?
India appears to be nearing a change that may seriously affect the gospel.

Anti-Israel Campus Groups Lobbying for Hamas
This is happening on American soil. It is time to wake up!

Did God Plan a Do-It-Yourself Bible?
Do you think the Lord cared enough about His holy words to preserve them in a book His own children can read and believe today?

Church Leaders Worried Over Drop in Baptisms
A Southern Baptist study finds that Christians are often abandoning witnessing. What’s even more interesting is the reasons why.

Jesus: Creator —or Middle Man?
Can one tiny word lower the position of Jesus Christ?

Coming to Your Bible
The Vatican desperately needs the Apocrypha in the Bible to support some of her doctrine. How are modern Bibles increasingly slanted to support Rome's pagan dogmas?

Philippine Public Schools Wide Open to the Gospel
Missionaries are finding that passing out Chick tracts is like passing out candy. Through giving to the Chick Mission Fund, many Christians are making a difference!

It's Not a Conspiracy Theory —It's a Fact!
See how this speaker accurately predicted in 1969, how the Bible would be changed to prepare for a new world religion. His accuracy is eerie!

No Sowing —No Harvest
Not all gospel tracts result in someone's salvation. But without sowing, there is no reaping.

Only 13 Percent of Next Generation are Bible Believers
Will Americans lose religious freedom because many trusted more in politics than in preaching? A shocking recent survey shows it is time for a different approach.

SBC Conference Addresses Ministry to 'Gays'
Speakers admitted that homosexual unions are incompatible with the Scriptures.

Righteousness —Key to All Freedoms
Homosexuals and Muslims demand that speaking against them be outlawed as "hate speech." Nations such as Canada who agree have begun arresting and prosecuting Christians.

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A special message from Jack Chick

A special message from Jack Chick

A special message from Jack Chick

A special message from Jack Chick

A special message from Jack Chick

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Battle Cry

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