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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents - 2016

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Trying to Fund Heaven on Earth
There are still those who believe technology can solve everything. But there is another way, and it involves changing people from within.

Questions for Your Pastor (and Other Deceived Friends)
If your church believes only the “original autographs” were inspired, then they are recommending a Bible that you cannot buy, or hold in your hand. It doesn’t exist today.

Russia Moving Quickly Against Christians
This recent letter from a missionary shows how Russian Christians fear the government plans to get rid of them. New legislation threatens to make outreach and evangelism a crime.

Lutherans Decided Reformation 'Struggle' Is Over
Rome hasn’t changed. These Protestants have abandoned the Biblical Jesus for ecumenical wine. But God has commands us to come out of this counterfeit 'church.'

Missions Fund Report
Reports from missionaries continue to come in with testimonies of how Chick tracts have helped their ministries.

Is Mother Theresa Really a Saint?
Who does Scripture say can really serve as a mediator between us and our Heavenly Father?

Crossway Publishers Waffle on a "Permanent" Bible
First they said the text was “permanent.” Now they are saying they need to change it... again.

New Law May Forbid Soul Winning in Russia
A new restriction on religious activity, supposedly to curtail terrorism, has Russian Bible believers deeply concerned. It remains to be seen how far America will follow.

Is There a Death Bed Window Into Eternity?
There have always been stories of death-bed agony or ecstasy in the last moments of life. After reading one of our tracts, a soul-winner sent us this true story of what she witnessed.

When is Witnessing Allowed in Public Schools?
A recent brochure by the Christian Educators Assn, Intl (CEAI). lays out guidelines for parents and students showing exactly where they stand in a possible dispute with school officials.

Anti-Jewish Persecution Rising
U.S. support of Israel is diminishing, especially among young people in U.S. colleges.

LGBT Activists Now Targeting Christians
Christian businesses, Christian schools, and now churches are being legally threatened if they 'discriminate' by following God's Word rather than man's laws.

Does Mark 16 Have 20 Verses... Or 8?
If you trust text critics, the original gospel had no bodily resurrection! So why trust them?

September Mission Report
Reports continue to come in from missionaries using Chick tracts.

Catholicism and Islam —Two Similar Gospels
Pope Francis admits Islam and Catholicism have a similar goal: conquest. That’s NOT the gospel.

Why Mutilate the Body? It's About the Soul!
There have been several recent news stories of parents funding hormone treatments for their young children to change their gender. But nobody asks these parents the most important question.

God Angry About Dividing His Land
Despite claims to the contrary, not all U.S. presidents have supported Israel. Their different approaches have had very different consequences.

Does Your Bible Have Doubting Footnotes?
Does it say that Christ’s resurrection and Great Commission were missing from the “originals?” What is left of Christian faith?

Are You an Extremist?
Jihadists = extremists = fundamentalists = Bible believers? An effort is underway to brand Bible believers are dangerous to society.

The Bright Side of Muslim Immigration
The hordes of Muslim immigrants offer opportunity to replace their religion of fear with one of God’s love. Let’s seize the opportunity!

Missions Fund Report - July
Missionaries are still at it around the world, and Chick tracts are one of the tools they find useful in leading the lost to Christ.

The Pope Wants to Talk to You
Pope Francis wants us all to join together. After all, nearly everyone believes in “something,” right?

Bible Bait-and-Switch
Don't let Modern Bible publishers fool you with their con game.

Satan's Bogus Salvation Plan
His suggestion? Man can get along just fine doing things his own way.

Persecution Rising Worldwide
America and the Western World is not yet willing to admit that this is a religious war for the minds of millions.

They really annoyed me —but I read them!
Chick tracts made me so mad!

What One Person Can Do
One person's voice, and leaders willing to listen, set this church on a path of soul-winning.

Cities Keep Testing Limits of Freedom of Religion
Government officials attempt to circumvent a very basic U.S. Constitutional right.

Chick Tracts Are Extending the Reach of Missionaries Worldwide
Missionaries talk about how Chick tracts impact their ministries.

Terrorism Must Be Answered With Revival
Terrorists cannot be stopped by more security. The anger and hatred in their hearts must be changed from within.

No Sowing —No Harvest
In every crowd there are likely a few who are open to the gospel. Only by sowing gospel seed (tracts) can we hope to find them.

Is the King James Bible All Wrong About Death and Hell?
Are the accusers right that it is translated wrong? Or is this just one more lie Satan has cooked up about the KJV?

Just A 'T' Too Far
What happens when government demands that an athlete who “looks” like a boy should be able to shower with the girls?? Should it be illegal for the girls to have some privacy?

Are Modern Bibles Built on a Faulty Foundation?
Is it possible one of the two pillars supporting the modern, billion-dollar Bible industry is a counterfeit?

Recent Court Cases Approve Public Witnessing
It's easier to keep our rights to witness on the streets if we use wisdom in how we do it.

An Open Mission Field Next Door
Prisoners already know they are sinners. They are often open to the gospel, if we care enough to take it to them.

Church Planting Made Easier —With Chick Tracts
Reports continue to come in from missionaries using Chick tracts to start and strengthen churches.

Prayer Rally Tainted with Ecumenism
Leaders ignore doctrinal differences to demonstrate evangelical/Catholic unity at huge gathering on anniversary of Pentecostal Azusa Street Revival.

Satanists Pressure Schools for Equal Opportunity
Satanic coloring books distributed in Delta Country, Colorado schools in equal opportunity response to Gideon Bible distribution.

Is 'Solidarity' the Same as Witnessing?
Wearing a hijab (Islamic woman’s head covering) is actually a sign of submission to Allah, and creates confusion when done by Christians.

Same-Sex Marriage Didn't End It
The “bathroom wars” are a natural consequence of accepting same-sex marriage. Appeasement always results in demands for “more.”

Satan’s New Plan to fix your Bible
Recent research uncovers hidden details of the plot to publicly discredit the Bible and create basic doubt of God’s words.

Missions Fund Focus on India
Report on nearly one million Chick tracts provided to outreaches in India through the Chick Mission Fund.

Missions Fund Report - May
Missionaries are still at it around the world, and Chick tracts are one of the tools they find useful in leading the lost to Christ.

A special message from Jack Chick

A special message from Jack Chick

A special message from Jack Chick

A special message from Jack Chick

A special message from Jack Chick

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Battle Cry

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