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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Table of Contents - 2017

Halloween a Great Time to Teach Soul Winning
We need to introduce the next generation to the joys of soul winning —and Halloween provides the perfect opportunity.

Our Children are the Next LGBT Target
Their agenda comes at the cost of innocence. Is it really that hard to tell if you’re a boy or a girl?

Can You Trust Oldest and Best?
People argued that the last part of the Gospel of Mark should be removed since it’s not in miniscule 2427, believed to be the oldest. Then scientific evidence proved it was a hoax.

Are You a Hater?
If you warn people to escape hell, does that mean you hate them? This group says so.

The New Rome is Still the Old Rome
Rituals from infant baptism to last rites are designed to make Catholics completely dependent upon their church for grace and eternal life. Nothing has changed.

"Adopted" Tract + the Lord = a Baby's Life Saved
The story of a caring worker who used the Chick tract “Adopted” to encourage a young mother to let her baby live.

Missions Report - September
With your help, missionaries are getting Chick tracts into the hands of people worldwide. Here are some of their stories.

Religious Freedom Tightening World Wide
The Pew Research Center reports that restrictions on religion in 2015 were rated "high" or "very high" in 40% of the countries in the world, up from 34% in 2014. Even Western "democratic" governments like Britain are in a debate over the issue.

God's Favorites: Israel —and Babies
America is refreshing its commitment to God’s chosen people, Israel, but what about the other ones God loves —babies?

Satan's Plan For Doubt
Satan tried to stamp out the Bible and failed. So he developed a new plan... fix it! Here is how it works.

Rowdy Crowd in England Gets Preachers Arrested
Many countries still allow freedom of speech, but government officials are increasingly siding with those who are “offended” instead of protecting the freedom to preach the gospel.

Can Dead Manuscripts Make a Live Bible?
You won’t believe what these Seminary professors taught about the Bible! Would you want them destroying the faith of your son or daughter?

Special Missions Fund Report from India
Your donations are helping us provide tracts to many ministries like the Independent Church in India which is working to evangelize a country with over 1 billion people.

Missions Fund Report - July 2017
These missionaries are so grateful for the tracts that you helped send them. They can’t get over the way that Chick tracts get read.

Pope Decides It’s Okay to Read the Bible?
Enough doctrinal changes have been made to God's Word that the Pope can now urge his people to read the 'Bible.'

How to Judge in a Non-judgmental World?
Who decides what is right or wrong?

'Deaths of Despair' are on the Rise
Why is America the third most depressed country in the world? The answer, and solution, are simple.

Increase in Bible Interest Means Better Witnessing
A recent poll finds Americans more “favorable” to the Bible. Now is the time reach them with Gospel tracts.

Luke 1:28 Twisted to Favor the Virgin Mary Goddess
How a simple Bible word change thrust Mary into the limelight... a goddess in her own right.

Globalist Lab Becoming Apparent
Governments move to get tighter control, and further limit religious freedom.

Tract Stands Reach 100s of Kids
A simple tract-passing idea.

Missions Fund Report - May 2017
Reports continue to come in from missionaries who have received Chick tracts... including testimony from a 'closed' country.

Christian Parenting Threatened by California Bill
The State wants your kids! New bill could allow the state to decide home schooling (or Christian schooling) is not the “appropriate education” to which every child has a right.

Countering Hate —And Offering Salvation
Originally written to Christians to encourage them to win souls, 'Who's the Real Hater?' has been expanded to make it a soul-winning Chick tract.

Millennials Poised for Deception
Society is being shaped to accept a one-world government. And the millennials will sign on.

Pope Still Eyeing Jerusalem
As mankind continues to fight over the plight of Jerusalem, God has promised He will have the last word.

What's the Standard?
Is the Bible God's absolute yardstick, or just His recommendation?

Does Your Bible Contain Legends? —Some Do
Beware of the move to insert ancient legends into the Scriptures.

Missions Fund Report - March 2017
Here are just a few reports from missionaries who have received Chick tracts.

The Pope is On a Roll
The Pope's suggested six new 'Beatitudes' to deal with today’s problems are designed to bring us closer to a one world government.

Canadian Doctor Loses Fight for Children’s Innocence
The law requires that 'inclusivity' (homosexual propaganda) be laced into all aspects education. Religious convictions don’t matter.

How to Test a New Bible —Before You Buy
What you should know when shopping for a new Bible.

Which Bible Really Gets Read?
Researches found the KJV still used by the majority of those who actually read their Bibles.

Does the Apocrypha Belong in Your Bible?
The Jews rejected it as part of their Scripture (the Old Testament). But the push continues to add it to the KJV.

How Old is the Moon?
200 new craters since 2009 show the moon is not as old as we’ve been told.

Missions Fund Report – January 2017
Reports from missionaries around the world. Your support of the Chick Mission Fund is reaping much harvest.

Tributes to Jack Chick
“I got saved reading a Chick tract,” is being said by many as they remember Jack Chick following his death.

A special message from David W. Daniels

A special message from David W. Daniels

A special message from David W. Daniels

A special message from David W. Daniels

Read other people's mail.

Read other people's mail.

Read other people's mail.

Read other people's mail.

Read other people's mail.





Battle Cry

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