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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" Gal. 4:16

Missions Fund Report
Issue Date: September/October 2017

Missionary Daniel LaVita — Honduras

“Last week a man that I had given tracts to 3 weeks ago came to talk with me as I was having a Bible study downtown. He was not interested the first time but recently his mother died and got him thinking about eternity.

Thanks to God, he received the Lord after realizing that he would be burning in hell while his saved mother would be in glory with Jesus. His name is Troy. Without the tracts, maybe the door would not have been open.”

Joetta Smith — Kenya

“I am just SO excited! I just received a call from a pastor who comes for tracts; he is about an hour and a half from us. He called to tell me that because of the tracts, people are coming back to the Lord en masse!

He told me many have been on drugs and alcohol and have turned their lives over to God after reading the tracts and in August he asks for me and our team to come and hold a meeting for the new believers.”

Missionary Timmy Oakes — Mexico

“Yesterday, I was at the bus stop and was passing out tracts. I gave one to a young lady as she passed by. When she realized what it was she came back and wanted to talk. She asked if witches were real. I told her they were, but no power on earth is greater than Jesus Christ. She began to cry like a baby. She told me that her children were being tormented and she wanted to pray right then and there.”

Pastor Greg, working with Donnie Whitlock of Mass Media Outreach Ministries — Philippines

“We’ve distributed thousands of gospel Chick tracts to the people who we’ve met. Thankful for the youth in the church who are willing to join this outreach ministry reaching thousands.

“We are so thrilled that many people are coming to know the Lord through these efforts.”

Pastor Agpoon reports that “over 400 had come to know the Lord in public schools, prisons and government ministries, mainly because of the tract distribution.”

Missionary Mike Wallace - Mexico

“I continue to be amazed at how effective Chick tracts are here. Most Mexicans have had their fill of religion and realize that there is no change in their lives. I believe they often feel hopeless —until they finally are confronted with the truth, which they are finding in the gospel through Chick tracts. My experience is when they begin reading Chick tracts here, they become mesmerized and they flip though the pages.

After passing out tracts for several hours one day, as I returned home, there was construction on the main road on which I was traveling. As the traffic moved slowly, I glanced out the passenger window to see why a man was standing so close to the road and traffic. I barely missed him as did the other cars passing by. And what could have been distracting him so much? I snapped a picture to show you —it was one of the Chick tracts you sent us.

Later that week, we took a lady in our church to the hospital. As we sat in the waiting room, we passed out Chick tracts. A boy sitting next to my wife was very glad to receive a tract. We had to leave a few minutes later but his eyes were still glued to the pages when we left. The blessing is that not only do people just read the tracts but some get saved after reading them.

Thank you for supplying us with such powerful “ammunition” on the front lines of the battle field (mission field). I know the Lord will reward you and those who give to help missionaries with tracts, for all of eternity.”

Missionary Wesley Lane - Hispaniola

The Chick tracts you provided for him “are the best tracts that we get and use, without a doubt. And they do get read —more than once. One way that we use them is during a church service we will give each adult present one Chick Tract (we let them select between two or three ).

“We tell them they have to think of a specific person, think of their name and their face. It may be a family member or a neighbor or someone else, but they have to have a specific name of the person they are going to give the tract to before they take the tract.

“Then we explain how to use the tract as a soul winning tool, especially explaining the last page and how to use it to lead someone to pray to accept Christ as Savior. When they come to the next service, we asked how many have given away their tract and the ones that have can take some more.

“Another thing we do is give each child in the children’s program a tract to take home to their family. Of course, we use them on visitation too and they are very popular, a very good door opener. Right now I am supplying tracts to four different congregations, two Dominican and two Haitian in three different cities.”

Many Christians want to provide Chick tracts to missionaries

We can help!
We maintain an account called: The Chick Missions Fund

Although we are not legally structured to give tax-deductible receipts, we definitely know how to get literature into missionaries’ hands. If you would like to help extend the hands of a missionary with Chick tracts, please send your donation to:

Chick Missions Fund
Chick Publications
PO Box 3500
Ontario, CA 91761

100% of the funds you send to the Chick Mission Fund are used to ship literature to missionaries.

Current projects:

  1. Just completing the printing of 350,000 tracts for Missionary Kathy Smith, working with the Independent Church of India. The last 45,000 are being delivered now.
  2. Requests for nearly 300,000 tracts have been flooding in from missionaries in the Philippines. Right now, this is probably the most wide-open door on earth!
  3. Workers in China have requested 110,000 tracts. Thanks to Chick donors we’re able to say YES!
  4. Zambia - two shipments totaling 48,000 tracts are on the way to missionaries there.
  5. In addition to these, there are more projects going on in India, Liberia, Romania, Mexico, Japan, Dominican Republic, Canada, Brazil, Guyana and others.

The Chick Mission Fund has already shipped more than 18 million Chick tracts worldwide.

Will you help?