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Battle Cry
"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
Gal. 4:16

Chick Mail Bag

Issue Date: September/October 2018

Our church puts on an annual Harvest Festival. This year I felt God call me to not only pass out the Charlie's Ants Chick tract, but read it to the kids. So we enlarged the tract on regular paper, colored it and laminated the pages. Kids would come into my tent and I would read them the tract. Parents also would stand in the doorway listening to the story about why Jesus had to become a man to save us. We did a craft to go along with the story and sent the kids home with a Charlie's Ants tract and a crayon to color it. Children and parents left the Harvest Festival hearing how much God really loves us.
—C. NV

With a friendly smile and three happy children, over 250 tracts were passed out in about two hours, with only one refusal! We definitely plan to do this again next year--but the kids say we'll need more tracts!
—K.S. MI

God is good and to Him be all the glory for all the little ones and families changed from reading tracts on such a dark holiday! Keep up the awesome work!!! We love Chick!!!
—E., J.T., & L.

We went to Clara Park that was across the street where there was a fair. I gave my treats to kids, teens, and adults. Some kids came up to me for treats. Some people gathered around me for treats. Some people asked me "what is it?", I said "candy and a comic book", and one or more kids said in a happy tone "Oh, candy and comic book!" I gave out 69 treats that night. And Happy Reformation Day.
—K.E. CA