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A personal message from Jack Chick

Back in 1943 I was drafted into the Army. I was completely naïve. I heard about homosexuals but didn’t understand or care about what they did. There was almost an air of innocence, because it wasn’t discussed.

Years later, after my daughter was born, a neighbor told of a sailor who raped a man in our town – I was shocked to say the least! I spent 3 years in the military and never even knew this went on.

Well beloved, times have changed. The sodomites went on the offensive and Christians, being polite, kept quiet, hoping they would go away. They didn’t! This godless crowd got louder and louder and grew in numbers.

After 1965 the Ten Commandments were gone and kids were taught that evolution was true. Across the country, pastors in thousands of churches stopped preaching about God’s fiery judgment. They feared even to mention the word hell – it was the H-word, to be avoided at all costs, lest someone be offended!

So with hardly any opposition, the sodomites and their aggressive gay machine became a force to control politicians, judges, the media and finally our school systems. Their weapon was a single word, tolerance, and all opponents were put to flight.

In 1940 who on earth would even dream the day would come when a flaming sodomite would sit in front of a first grade class, reading a book for 3-7 year-olds, entitled, Gloria Goes to Gay Pride? Our godless school system intends to push the gay agenda from kindergarten through college. And it’s already happening.

Our television is an open sewer, glorifying the homosexual lifestyle, making the “straights” (non-gays) look like a bunch of idiots.

Satan has the backing of the courts, trying to shut the mouths of God-fearing pastors, who still have the courage to preach about it from the book of Romans, who show what God thinks of homosexuality and what He did to Sodom and Gomorrah. I believe the time will soon come when godless judges will close churches that call being gay a sin.

But what about our children being brainwashed and force-fed the lie that “gay is good?” What can be done to block this gay wave rolling into our classrooms?

I never dreamed that we would need a tract to help stem this tide in our schools. But I believe God has given us the perfect tract for kids. It’s simply called “Birds and the Bees.” Beloved, most people have no idea what schools are teaching our kids. Don’t think that children shouldn’t read this. They already know about it. It’s going on behind your back, on your TV and in your school. So please, let the kids read “The Birds and the Bees.” It could save them from a homosexual nightmare in the future.

Your brother in Christ,