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Soul-winners worldwide know that CHICK TRACTS GET READ! The cartoons grab the reader's attention and present the Gospel. Over 100 different titles are available and each one has its own gripping story, ending in an invitation to receive Christ. Chick tracts can help you reach more people!

They can be ordered in packs of 25 or individually. The price is $0.17 a copy.

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Attack, The

Subject - For Christians

See the behind-the-scenes struggle to destroy the King James Bible, and how God preserved it.
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Greatest Story Ever Told

Subject - Bible Stories

Here's why Jesus really came to earth...from His birth to His resurrection.
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Love Story, A

Subject - Basic Gospel

Who loves you so much he gave you life and left heaven to die for you? It was Jesus!
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This Was Your Life

Subject - Basic Gospel

Everything you have said or done will be played back at judgment. Will your name be in the Book of Life?
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Who is He?

Subject - Basic Gospel

The world is confused about who Jesus is. It's a mistake they can't afford to make.
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