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...over 125 different stories.

...Your whole family can read them
...Show them to friends at church
...Find the titles that are just right for you
...Place in a basket on the table for your kids'
   friends to read
...Have just the right tract for everyone you meet

Witnessing is FUN with Chick tracts!

Prices are in US Dollars

All Tract Assortment ($21.95)


Also available in Spanish

Other assortment packs


This assortment pack contains one printed copy of all the current English Chick tracts, including our most popular title "This Was Your Life!" It also includes such favorites as "A Love Story," "The Choice" and "The Long Trip." With nearly 100 different titles covering a wide variety of topics, you're certain to find one to help you witness!


New titles are released all the time and so the titles offered in this assortment pack are always changing. Here is the current list of titles included:

Allah Had No Son   Are Roman Catholics Christians?   Assignment, The
Attack, The   Awful Truth, The   Back From The Dead?
Bad Bob!   Beast, The   Best Friend
Bewitched?   Big Daddy?   Boo!
Born Wild!   Bully, The   Camel's In The Tent
Cathy   Charlie's Ants   Choice, The
Cleo   Congratulations!   Contract!, The
Crazy Wolf   Creator or Liar?   Dark Dungeons
Death Cookie, The   Demon's Nightmare, A   Do They Work?
Empty Tomb, The   Evil Eyes   Execution, The
Fame   Fat Cats   Fatal Decision
First Bite   Flight 144   Fool, The
Four Angels?   Global Warming   Going Down?
Gomez is Coming   Greatest Story Ever Told   Gun Slinger
Happy Halloween   Happy Hour   Heart Trouble
Here Comes The Judge   Hi There!   Holy Joe
How To Get Rich   Humbug!   Is Allah Like You?
Is There Another Christ?   It's a Deal   It's All About You!
It's Not Your Fault   It's The Law   It's Your Life!
Last Generation, The   Last Rites   Last Surprise, The
Let's Fly Away!   Letter, The   Little Ghost, The
Little Princess, The   Little Sneak, The   Long Trip, The
Love Story, A   Love That Money!   Love The Jewish People
Mad Machine, The   Mama's Girls   Mean Momma
Missing Day, The   No Fear?   One Way!
Only Hope, The   Oops!   Outcast, The
Papa   Party Girl   Passover Plot, The
Peace Maker, The   Poor Revolutionist, The   Present, The
RETAIL CATALOG   Reverend Wonderful   Room 310
Royal Affair, The   Satan Comes To Salem   Set Free
Sin City   Sissy?, The   Sky Lighter, The
Slugger, The   Some Like it Hot   Somebody Angry?
Somebody Goofed   Somebody Loves Me   Something in Common?
Sorry   Soul Sisters   Spooky!
Squatters   Still No Revival   Stinky
That's Baphomet?   Things to Come?   This Was Your Life
Tiny Shoes   Titanic   Trial, The
Trust Me   Unforgiven?   Uninvited
Unloved   Visitors, The   Walking Dead?, The
Wall, The   Warning, The   Wassup?
Where Did They Go?   Who is He?   Who Loves You?
Who Murdered Clarice?   Who's The Real Hater?   Why Is Mary Crying?
Why Should I?   Word Became Flesh, The   You Have a Date!
Your Big Moment