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If the Foundations be Destroyed

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Author: Chick Salliby
Price: $5.95 US
Pages: 98 - Paperback

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What does the NIV have against Jesus?

Is your Bible missing important verses and doctrines? If it is a New International Version there's a lot missing! Author Chick Salliby documents the sad truth of how much is left out of this popular modern Bible. If you or someone you care about is using it, you really need to read this book!

For example, did you know that there is only one verse in the whole Bible that tells us we need to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ before we are baptized? That verse is Acts 8:37. Why is it missing from the text in the NIV? (Look for yourself).

Or, what about Colossians 1:14, where it says, "In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins." Why has "through his blood" been removed from the NIV? Do you really believe that you can be saved without the shed blood of Jesus Christ?

The author gives us 155 clear instances of changes and omissions from the Bible, things that should be in the NIV, but are not. The NIV weakens the deity of Christ, and removes doctrinally important teachings. Verse comparisons between the King James and the NIV cover a wide range of topics.

Table of Contents
Verse Comparisons
(topical headings of verse comparisons)
      Christ's Eternal Existence
      Christ's Deity
      Deity Provable In Christ As Judge
      Christ The Creator
      Christ The Son Of God
      Virgin Birth
      Also Concerning Christ's Birth
      Christ's Incarnation
      Christ's Omnipresence
      Worship Of Christ
      Christ's Commission
      Christ's Miracles
      Christ The Comforter
      Christ's Teachings And Words
      Christ's Teaching On Eternal Punishment
      Christ's Teaching On Prayer And Fasting
      Steps To The Cross, Trial, Crucifixion, And Resurrection
      Ascension And Glorification Of Christ
      Christ's Priesthood
      Christ's Lordship
      Christ's Grace
      Christ's Return
      Christ's Eternal Existence (Future)
      Title "Lord"
      Title "Christ"
      Title "Jesus"
      Names And Titles of Jesus Omitted In The NIV
Some Background On The Corrupted Manuscripts
Current Indifference

Index Of Verse Comparison Scriptures

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