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Answers to My Jehovah's Witness Friends

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Author: Thomas Heinze
ISBN: 9780937958582
Price: $8.95 US
Pages: 128 - Paperback

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Answers you need to witness effectively to Jehovah's Witnesses

When Jehovah's Witnesses come to your door, have you ever wished you could get them off their memorized scripts and show them what the Bible really teaches?

Have you ever wished you had the information necessary to lovingly show them why their religion is wrong?

Now you can!

Using many quotes from Watchtower leaders, this small book exposes the errors of this false religion, presenting thought-provoking questions Jehovah's Witnesses can't answer. Don't turn them away from your door saying, "I'm not interested." Learn the questions that will make them think, so you can effectively share the true gospel with them.

Did you know? - In 1889, Jehovah's Witness founder C.T. Russell predicted:

"...the final end of the kingdoms of this world, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God, will be accomplished at the end of A.D. 1914."

This is one in a long list of unfulfilled Jehovah's Witness Bible prophecies that are revealed in this book.

Chapter 1 - Salvation
      Follow God's Word Because Men Make Mistakes
      How To Be Born Again
Chapter 2 - False Prophecy and Mistaken Interpretation of Scripture
      1872 - The Beginning of the Millennium
      1975 - Millennium to Begin
      1874 - Christ's Second Coming According to Pastor Russell
      Christ's Second Coming According to the Bible
      What Does the Bible Tell Us to Do when Someone Says Christ
            Has Come in a Secret Way That People Can't See?
      1914 and 1915 - "The End of the War Which Would Destroy the
            Kingdoms of this World, and Fully Establish the Kingdom of God"
      The 1914 Prophecies Were Declared Wrong
      Summary of Dates Set While Watchtower Teachings Were Being Established
      So What?
      1918 - End of Gentle Times, Churches Destroyed
      The 1918 Prophecies Were Declared Wrong
      1920 - Mountains, Republics, and Kingdoms Disappear
      1925 - Kingdom Established in Palestine, Faithful Men of the
            Old Testament Return
      The 1925 Prophecies Were Wrong (Also 1914 and 1918)
      1929 - A House Was Built for the Return of the Old Testament Faithful
      1932 - The Overthrow of Christendom
      1975 - Beginning of the Millenium
      Conclusion: False Prophecies Show Inability to Interpret Scripture
      Brief Summary of Watchtower dates
      What Comes Next?
Chapter 3 - The Saved Go To Heaven
      Passages on Heaven
      Three of the Beatitudes in Matthew Chapter Five Promise Heaven
      Believers in Christ Go To Be With Him and His Father
      Where are Christ and His Father?
      Which Should We Desire, Heaven or Earth?
      While Our Eternal Home Is Not this Earth, We Have Two Types
            of Promises Regarding the Earth
      The Objection, the 144,000
                Who Are the 144,000
                The 144,000 Are Not the Only Ones in Heaven
                A Great Multitude in Heaven
      God is Not Dividing the Saved into Two Groups
Chapter 4 - Eternal Punishment
      People Will Share the Eternal Punishment of the Devil
      Many Other Passages in the New Testament Speak of Eternal Punishment
      Eternal Punishment in the Old Testament
      Hades, and How to Avoid Going There
Chapter 5 - How to Interpret the Bible
      Interpret the Unclear in the Light of the Clear
      Figurative Language
Chapter 6 - Jesus Christ
      Is Jesus Christ God?
      Christ is called God in the New Testament
      "And the Word was God"
      Does "a god" Equal "Jehovah?"
      Why Does the Bible call Christ Both God and Man?
      Christ and the Father Are One
      The Words "God" and "Christ" Are Used Interchangeably
      "Lord of lords and King of kings"
      Christ's Works
      The Old Testament Foretold Christ's Divinity
      Both Christ and His Father Were Called "I Am"
      Jesus Christ is Jehovah
      Only One Can Be the First and the Last, That One Is Called Both
            Jesus and Jehovah!
      Two Pairs of Passages in Revelation
                The First Pair Is in Chapter One
                The Second Pair Is in Chapters 21-22
      John the Baptist Prepared the Way of Jehovah
      There Is Only One Savior: Jehovah. This One Savior Is also Called Jesus
      Arguments to the Contrary
      Whose Witnesses Should We Be?
Chapter 7 - The Resurrection of Jesus
      Jesus Christ Stated That He Would Raise His Body
      After the Resurrection, Jesus Claimed that His Body Had Been Raised
            and Proved it
      What Should Our Witness Be?
      What Was the Witness of the Apostles?
      Your Salvation Depends on Christ's Resurrection
      Arguments to the Contrary
      How Did Christ Raise Others?
      How Can Your Body Be Raised?
      Jehovah's Witness Leaders Believe in Bodily Resurrection
Chapter 8 - The Holy Spirit
      The Holy Spirit Is a Person, Not Just a Force
                He Does All the Things That Distinguish a Person from a Force
                Forces Don't Know and Teach, The Spirit Does
                The Spirit Has Emotions, Forces Don't
                The Spirit Speaks
                The Spirit Gave the Ability to Speak in Foreign Languages
                The Spirit Guides
                The Spirit Ordains
                What Else Might a Person Do?
                Arguments to the Contrary
      The Holy Spirit is God
                His Divinity is Stated
                His Divinity Is Demonstrated
                The Spirit of God Is the Spirit of Christ, and Only Those in
                        Whom He Dwells Are Saved
Chapter 9 - The Trinity
      When the Bible Puts the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit on the Same
            Level in the Same Scripture, It Shows Us the Trinity
      Christ and the Father Are Not Separate Gods, They Have the Same Spirit
      The Attributes (or Characteristics) of God Belong to the Father,
            the Son, and the Holy Spirit
      The Words of God Are Likewise Attributed to All Three Persons
      God Speaks in the Plural
      Each of the Three Persons Is God
Chapter 10 - The Name "Jehovah"
      The Significance of "Jehovah"
      "I Am" and "Jehovah" Used Interchangeably
      Jesus Identified Himself with Jehovah
      Old Testament Prophecies Equated Jehovah with Christ
      It Is Not Wrong to Call Jehovah by His Other Names
      "Jehovah" May Be Translated
      The Exception, Jehovah in Psalm 34:8 Is Christ in I Peter 2:3
      What Name Is Above Every Other?
Chapter 11 - Should We Give Blood?
      Blood Was Prohibited Primarily to the Jews
      Gentiles Who Lived with the Jews Were Also Prohibited from Eating Blood
      Other Gentiles Could Eat Blood
      Which Are You?
      The Reason for the Law about Blood
      May We Eat Blood Now?
      The Decision of the Apostles
      Before the Law
      Love Fulfills the Whole Law
      Be a Good Neighbor
Chapter 12 - Your Key to the Kingdom
      Good Works Don't Save. The Savior Saves!
      A Second Chance?
      The Reason We Cannot Earn Any of Our Salvation Is That It Is a Gift of God
      We Receive God's Gift of Salvation through Faith in Jesus Christ
      A Purified Life Is the Result, Not the Cause of Salvation


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