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When Life Is Over

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Author: Rick Jones
ISBN: 9780758903921
Price: $6.95 US
Pages: 64 - Paperback

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Want to witness to a loved one?

Many Christians have witnessed to friends or loved ones, but need a short book that describes God's plan of salvation in more detail than is possible in a small Chick tract. Here is that book.

All unsaved people wonder what will happen to them when their life is over. Here, they will find answers that will lead them straight to the cross. Help a loved one learn about the origins of sin, why we are all sinners in need of a Savior, and why Jesus is the only One. Also explained is the importance of blood in forgiveness, and why good works and religion can never save. Also contains a loving, compassionate invitation to trust Christ as Savior.

This book answers the most common questions unsaved people ask, like:
      Is there a God?
      Is there a devil?
      Is there a heaven?
      Is there a hell?
      Can I believe the Bible?
      Would a loving God really send people to hell?
      Can I know I'll go to heaven when I die?
      Aren't there many paths to heaven?
      Aren't all people the children of God?
      What makes Jesus Christ so special?
      What about all the Christians who are hypocrites?
      Isn't Christianity just for the weak?

Section 1:
     The Bible is a miraculous book
     Does the Bible contain fulfilled prophecies?
     Is the Bible scientifically accurate?
     Is the Bible factually accurate?
     The flood and Noah's ark
     Is the Bible archeologically accurate?
     Is the Bible historically accurate?
     Why hasn't the Bible faded away?
Section 2:
     Is there a God?
     Is there are Devil?
     Is there a Heaven?
     Is there a Hell?
     Would a loving God really send people to hell?
     Can I know I'll go to heaven when I die?
     Aren't there many paths to heaven, like spokes on a wheel?
     Will I make it to heaven if I do the best I can?
     Won't being sincerely religious get me to heaven?
     Won't I go to heaven if I'm a good person?
     Will I go to heaven if I do what feels right in my heart?
     Aren't all people children of God?
Section 3:
     Okay, so how do I get to heaven?
     Why is sin so dangerous?
     What's so important about blood?
     What did Old Testament people do about their sins?
     The Day of Atonement?
     The Passover
     How did Jesus settle the sin problem?
     What makes Jesus Christ so special?
Section 4:
     God's ultimate plan
     Does everyone need Jesus?
Section 5:
     I'm ready. What do I have to do?
     All I must do to reach heaven is believe in Jesus?
     Don't I have to do any good works to get saved?
     Must my faith be in Christ alone?
Section 6:
     Here's what happened to me
     What will you say to God?
     What does it mean to be born again?
     So I must choose God or Satan, right?
Section 7:
     You can become a Christian right now
     Can't I wait until I'm older to trust Christ?
     What about all the Christian hypocrites?
     If I become a Christian, won't it ruin all my fun?
     Isn't Christianity just for the weak?
     I don't have time for God. I want to make money.
     I could never love God after what He did to me
     If Christianity is right, why are there so few Christians?
     Are you spiritually blind?
     Isn't you position intolerant?
     Why don't you let people decide for themselves?
     What if you are wrong about all this?
Section 8:
     What should I do now that I'm a Christian?
     Join a good Bible preaching church
     Get baptized
     Read your Bible every day
     Tell others what Jesus has done for you


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