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You know how people get all upset and sometimes angry when someone talks about one bible version being better than another? It happens a lot in Bible studies because the differences in versions are painfully obvious to all.

Everyone's got an opinion as to which Bible is best.

And because of all the glaring differences and discrepancies in the different versions, the Lord himself is forced to pick just one of them. The funny thing is that hardly anyone ever considers the opinion of the Lord Jesus Christ. Don't you think he has a preference? Which one would he use?

Which Bible Would Jesus Use? gives answers to the biggest, nastiest, and most annoying objections you get when defending the King James Bible. Now when you hear the same old, childish comments, you'll quietly and confidently chuckle. You'll feel sorry for those who don't have a Bible they can believe in. But you won't be upset anymore.

You'll be able to feed the sincere with answers to their legitimate questions and you'll be able to walk away from the scoffers who don't have ears to hear, knowing you could not have said or done any more to persuade them.

Which Bible Would Jesus Use? is a new, entertaining and easy-to-read volume that delivers convincing answers to the most difficult objections posed by King James Bible critics.

Once you know for sure which Bible the Lord has already chosen and why, you'll never again have any doubts about "which Bible" is God's Bible.

5 reasons why you'll benefit
from reading this book

First — You'll learn how to convince the critics that the Lord Jesus Christ would unequivocally choose a King James Bible if he came to their church.

Second — You'll learn how to prove that the elite textual critics who assembled the underlying Greek text of almost all modern versions actually believe that the Lord made errors when he inspired the Bible in the first place.

Third — You'll learn how to present a new and unanswerable argument as to why the Lord wouldn't use the New King James Version because he'd end up competing with himself.

Fourth — You'll learn how to quickly and easily answer the constant and mostly insincere question of "Which edition of the King James Bible is the word of God?"

Finally — You'll learn how to "turn the tables" and put the critics on the defensive by asking the simple question "If the Lord Jesus came to your church, which Bible would He use?" It's a question the critics won't have an answer for because they don't have a Bible that they believe is inspired and inerrant. There are no NIV Onlyists, ESV Onlyists or NASB Onlyists out there. They don't have a Bible—You do.


Author: Jack McElroy
ISBN: 9780986026515
Price: $19.95 US
Pages: 342 - Paperback

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Here are some excerpts from the book, "Which Bible Would Jesus Use?"

If He came to your church, which Bible would Jesus use?
It's a question no one has ever dared to ask even though the answer should be easy.

Seminary President endorses two Bibles that disagree with each other.
If the Lord is the author of both the ESV and the NASB, then He can't even get his facts straight. If you can trust a reporter for the Washington Post more than you can trust your Saviour, you should get a new Saviour.

You know who killed Goliath, right? Wrong!
Same verse... Same Bible ... Saying two DIFFERENT things. Has the publisher issued a recall? Can you get a prorated refund? If the Lord's going to use the NIV, how does He deal with this problem?

Which edition of the King James Bible is "The Bible"?
Some fundamental and evangelical academics pose this question to shatter your faith and get you to drop the issue in spite of its obvious success and blessing.

But was the success of the King James Bible just luck? If it's not the Lord's choice, then which one is?

How to spot a standard Bible
Every profession has its own set of standards. There has to be a standard Bible.

The academic elites and their marketers know this. That's why they believe in "The Original Bible." They're just not too sure what to put in it.

The Bible Version Controversy Explained and Resolved

Which Bible Would Jesus Use? is a new, entertaining and easy-to-read volume that delivers convincing answers to the most difficult objections posed by King James Bible critics.

Tough issues are explained like:

  • Why does God need only one Bible?

  • Where was the Bible before 1611?

  • Which King James Bible is the King James Bible?

  • What about the many "revisions" of the King James? (Hint: there was only one, though there were a number of editions of the Bible)

  • What about the so-called "30,000 differences" in King James editions?

  • What is inspiration, according to the Bible?

  • Do the originals matter?

  • Why the Lord didn't preserve the original autographs, which doctrines are affected by modern translations and lots more.

  • Three chapters deal with the important topic of Inspiration of Scripture––you'll learn what it is, what it isn't, what scholars used to say it was and what they say it is now.

  • You'll find out who changed the definition of inspiration and when they changed it. And more importantly, you'll discover why they changed it.

  • Why the Lord Jesus Christ would never use the ESV because of the known errors (admitted by experts) inserted into the text in Matthew 1:7, 8, & 10.

  • Why the Lord wouldn't carry the NASB to church with him because of the known errors (admitted by experts) inserted into the text in John 7:8-10 and because of the way it refers to him in John 1:18.

  • Why the Lord couldn't use the NIV, ESV, or the NASB because of the known geography error (admitted by experts) inserted into the text in Luke 4:44.

  • Why the Lord wouldn't bring the NKJV into church with him because of how it undermines the historical integrity of his words in English.

You can finally have peace of mind knowing in your heart you were right all along to believe in the King James Bible.

Contains new thoughts, information and explanations found nowhere else; Over 60 pictures, 56 charts, 278 footnotes; Index, Scripture Index, Bibliography


Foreword Dr. William P. Grady

Preface: Want to settle the "Bible Version Controversy" once and for all?


Chapter 1: Why the Lord is forced to choose only one Bible

Chapter 2: Two "dirty little secrets" of modern textual criticism

Chapter 3: Proof-Prominent textual scholars believe God made mistakes when he wrote the Bible

Chapter 4: Why the Lord didn't preserve the original autographs

Chapter 5: Why the Lord can't choose the King James Bible without looking foolish to scholars

Chapter 6: Did the Lord make a monumental, multigenerational error by allowing the King James Bible to be published in the first place?

Chapter 7: Maybe the Lord Jesus Christ isn't a loser after all

Chapter 8: Why can't the Lord choose the ©1982 New King James Version?

Chapter 9: Where was the Bible before 1611?

Chapter 10: Which edition of the King James Bible is "The Bible"?

Chapter 11: What about the tens of thousands of differences between the 1769 edition (or any edition today) and the 1611 first edition?

Chapter 12: What about the differences between King James Bibles printed by the Oxford and Cambridge University Presses?

Chapter 13: Why "Which Edition?" is (quite often) a trick question

Chapter 14: The real reason for the fake question

Chapter 15: Inspiration of Scripture—What it is and what it isn't

Chapter 16: Inspiration—What it was and what they say it is now

Chapter 17: Who changed the definition of inspiration, and when did they change it?

Chapter 18: Did the Lord preserve error instead of truth in the extant biblical manuscripts?

Chapter 19: How to spot a standard Bible

Chapter 20: The Revelation 16:5 controversy

Chapter 21: Which Bible should you use?

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1. Jeffrey Mardis | Author & Publisher (Kentucky)
"Which Bible would Jesus Use?" A presumptuous and arrogant question? Perhaps. But consider the analogous question; "Which planet would Jesus use?" We know which. According to scripture, out of the 300 sextillion known stars and heavenly bodies which science tells us fills the heavens, the Lord chose ONLY ONE PLANET upon which to place life. Is that an act of narrow-minded arrogance on God's part, or is it simply the way He does things?

The truth is, God has a long history of choosing the few to the exclusion of the vast majority (Matt. 7:13). In many cases, the "few" means God choses ONLY ONE, and Bible versions are no exception. This is especially true when one realizes that it's the Devil's business to major in a multiplicity of counterfeits (Matt. 24:11, 1Jn. 2:18 & 4:1). The reason no one has dared to ask this question before, is not because "God would never do such a thing", but because it's POLITICALLY INCORRECT. But God's not concerned with men-pleasing, ear-tickling, politics (Gal. 1:10). The Lord's concerned with getting His words into your hands.

Jack McElroy's book "Which Bible would Jesus Use?" shows the Christian...

- How many professing Christian scholars believe that even the Original Autographs contained ERROR. The autographs penned by Matthew, Mark, Luke, Paul, Moses, etc. That may be hard to believe, but the proof is presented via their own documents. There's no point in shooting the messenger.

- How modern professing Christian scholarship rejects the Bible's definition of "inspiration" (Job 32:8, 2Tim. 3:16) in order to cover up their own infidelity. McElroy clearly explains the Bible's use of the word. But in reality, no explanation of the scriptural position is even necessary, since the text is plain and clear as it stands. God preserves His word by inspiring copies and translations of the originals - that's Bible doctrine.

- Bully tactics used by modern scholars to get you to "cave" on your allegiance to the Final Authority of the King James. Here's a little hint: Modern scholars don't believe ANY modern Bible version is 100% accurate - they believe ALL BIBLE TRANSLATIONS have some degree of error. They just don't preach that from the pulpit because they'll have egg on their faces. Instead, they take the high road (and wrong road) and say "a little leaven" is okay (Gal. 5:9, 1Cor. 5:6).

- A detailed study showing the "changes" in editions of the King James Bible amount to nothing. There have been no doctrinal changes in the King James, nor changes to the text which underlies the King James since it was first printed in 1611. Those that pull the "which King James version" question have ulterior motives.

- You will learn all this and much more!

The bottom line is this, once the scholars talk you out of your belief in the absolute authority of the King James Bible, they have NO WHERE TO POINT YOU for spiritual guidance except to themselves. Their arguments are all self-serving. According to them, there is NO PERFECT, ERROR-FREE BOOK OF GOD anywhere in the world today that you can put in your hands and personally read. It's acceptable, godly and politically correct (in a conservative Christian sort of way) to believe in ALL BIBLE VERSIONS, just don't chose ONLY ONE to the exclusion of the rest. That's "heresy" according to the eggheads, because you need them when it comes to actually knowing-for-sure what God said. If you don't believe me, just try and take an NIV-only stand, or an ESV-only stand, or an NKJV-only stand, and see where it gets you. You'll get nowhere. The scholars will attack you just the same. They're "Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." (2Tim. 3:7)

Jack McElroy's book "Which Bible would Jesus Use?" will STRENGTHEN YOUR FAITH in God's Book - the King James Bible. It is a worthy addition to any Christian library. Especially those Christians who know that 400 years of historical proof shows that the Lord has used, and is still using, the KJB - no other version even comes close. Cast it away at your own peril.

A+ Highly recommended

2. David W. Daniels, B.A., M.Div
Jack McElroy has written a book with a focus so tight, it's on the front cover! Which Bible Would Jesus Use? The title says it all. He is not merely throwing out words. He really means it. If our Lord and Saviour walked into your church, which Bible would He carry under His arm? Which Bible would He quote from?

This is no intellectual gobbledygook. McElroy proves his point. If Jesus walked into an English-speaking church, He would have to bring a Bible, and it could be only one. McElroy backs up every point very clearly, so don't expect to be lost in anyone's scholar-ese. Any possible hard words he clearly defines. Then he asks simple questions, and expects understandable answers, because we have a God who loves us and doesn't need to make things complicated to feel good about Himself. (Though there is a "god" who does exactly the opposite. He's behind other bibles.)

And McElroy tackles the critics head on. First, he quotes them clearly. Then he treats them politely (no mud-slinging here). Once he has shown what the scholars really believe, then he very politely and directly demolishes their arguments to smithereens. And he does it using just one Bible, like a Bible-believing Christian should.

McElroy answers the nagging questions that the most "advanced" anti-KJV people throw at us on a regular basis.

He also tackles some of the most difficult passages of the Bible: the chronologies of the kings of Israel and Judah. At every turn he uses a consistent starting point: He trusts that God preserved His words; that His words can be taken literally; and that His words can be understood properly in their proper context. I may have a different perspective on one of them, but he shows thoroughly why he believes what he does, and never leaves the Bible in order to do it.

I am tempted to give away some of his points, because they are so good. But you're just going to have to get the book and read it for yourself. You may want to buy two – because you're not going to want to give up the one you have.

(David W. Daniels has authored such books as Why They Changed the Bible, Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible?, Look What's Missing, Answers to Your Bible Version Questions, and The King James Bible Companion.

3. Dr. William P. Grady, B.S., M.Ed., Th.M., Ph.D., D.D.
"…a diligent Christian businessman (Proverbs 22:29) has successfully reduced the rancorous ‘King James Only-ism' debate to a single, unconventional premise—‘Which Bible would Jesus use?' The utter simplicity of Brother McElroy's question will undoubtedly render many in academia apoplectic. And yet, his unique approach is entirely Scriptural."

(Dr. William P. Grady is the author of four best-selling reference works: Final Authority, What Hath God Wrought!, How Satan Turned America Against God, and Given by Inspiration)

4. Dr. Jeff Amsbaugh, B.A., M.Div., D.Min., D.R.E., Senior Pastor, Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple
"I believe that you have made a significant contribution to Bibliology and that your work will provoke more people to think intelligently about Biblical preservation. I think that you have rightfully presented the fact that all translations are not ‘essentially the same' and have convincingly argued that textual criticism is not an exact ‘science' at all ... You have presented the right arguments in a clear, concise, thought-provoking way. Thank you!"

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