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The Last Call

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Author: Jack T Chick
ISBN: 9780937958063
Price: $6.95 US
Pages: 64 - Paperback

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An irresistible revival handbook

"One hundred years ago, God raised up a voice so cutting, that it penetrated the hardened hearts of the sleeping Churches. The Christians were shocked and angered by such piercing words. God was crushing the believers by the voice of Charles G. Finney and a tremendous revival swept over the land. Today there is no voice strong enough to awaken the sleeping Christians and the end time is here. The Lord has placed on my heart to bring before the believers some of Finney's burning words." (Jack T. Chick)

You don't have to look very far to see that we need revival in our churches, our homes and our own lives. But many Christians don't know how to have a true revival. As you read this book, the penetrating words of Charles G. Finney, along with the thought-provoking cartoons of Jack T. Chick, will show you what it will take to have revival. Be prepared to lay awake a few nights as God deals with your heart after you read this book.

"The fact is, Christians are more to blame for not being revived, than sinners are for not being converted. And if they are not awakened, they may know assuredly that God will visit them with His judgments."

Table of Contents

What A Revival Is
When A Revival Is Needed
When A Revival May Be Expected
How To Promote A Revival
Prevailing Prayer
Prayer Of Faith
Spirit Of Prayer
On Being Filled With The Spirit
The Consequences Of Having The Fullness Of The Spirit
Meeting For Prayer
Testifying To The Unsaved
To Win Souls Requires Wisdom
A Wise Minister Will Be Successful
How To Preach The Gospel
How Can Churches Help Ministers
Hinderances To Revival
Necessity And Effect Of Union
False Comfort For Sinners
Directions To Sinners
Instructions To Converts
The Backslider In Heart
Growth In Grace


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