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How to be a Successful Teenager

Picture of Book Cover

We're sorry, this book has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Real answers for Christian teen's toughest questions


You can have victory over depression, fear, loneliness, peer pressure, suicidal thoughts, and any other problems you face. You can protect yourself from the temptations that lead to drug addiction, alcoholism, venereal diseases, AIDS, satanism, and other tools that are killing your peers.

To live this victorious life, filled with peace, joy and contentment, you must learn the 18 life-changing secrets that are purposely being kept from you.


"Why are the lives of so many young people being shattered?" Rick Jones, in his six years of working with troubled, young teenagers, has learned that it's usually because they never learned the above 18 secrets Satan is keeping them from hearing. Even if your teen is a Christian, he or she is not immune to the pressures common to all teenagers.

This easy-reading book talks straight to teens, showing them that they can live victoriously over real-life problems they face every day. Through dramatic stories and scriptures, it reveals the truths they need to know. If you know any teens who are faced with temptations, learning these truths will help equip them to be successful teenagers.

You Are In A War...Right Now!
The Secret About Hell
The Secret About Sin
The Secret About Suicide
The Secret About Material Things
The Most Important Secret of All
Who's Your Best Friend?
How To Be Really Happy
You're Worth a Fortune - On One Condition
The Secret About Sex
The Secret About Satanism
The Secret About the Voices in Your Head
The Secret About Homosexuality
The Secret About Drugs
The Secret About Abortion
The Secret About Violence Among Teens
Satan's Favorite Word
You Might Be Blind and Not Even Know It


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