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Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star

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Author: Dr. Cathy Burns
ISBN: 9780005021811
Price: $15.95 US
Pages: 496 - Paperback

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The Eastern Star exposed

In this important book, Dr. Cathy Burns methodically documents the fact that both Masonry and the Eastern Star are occultic organizations. The book includes 1,483 footnotes, many of which are from Eastern Star and Masonic sources. After reading this book, you will know the answers to questions like:

• Is it a secret society?
• What is the Cabalistic Motto?
• WHO is represented by the star?
• Is there a Masonic connection?

You will learn secret passwords, symbols, colors, flowers, gems, and a GODDESS connection. Also included is a special chapter on the Rainbow Girls that contains information every parent needs to know.

Chapter 1 - A Brief History of the Eastern Star
Chapter 2 - The Masonic Connection
Chapter 3 - The Eastern Star and Christianity
Chapter 4 - His Star in the East
Chapter 5 - The Pentagram
Chapter 6 - A Look at Baphomet
Chapter 7 - Symbolism of the Eastern Star
Chapter 8 - More Eastern Star Symbolism
Chapter 9 - Gavel, Clasped Hands and Veil
Chapter 10 - Eastern Star Goddesses
Chapter 11 - What is the Cabalistic Motto?
Chapter 12 - Is Death a Victor?
Chapter 13 - Secrecy and the Eastern Star<
Chapter 14 - The Four Elements
Chapter 15 - A Look at the Rainbow Girls


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