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Final Authority
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Author: William P. Grady
ISBN: 9780962880919
Price: $19.95 US
Pages: 392 - Paperback

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History Endorses the KJV

Final Authority exposes the deceit behind many of the common charges leveled against the A.D. 1611 Authorized Version. For instance, having heard of the "inferior scholarship" of the King James translators, one discovers that Dr. John Bois, chairman of the Old Testament committee at Cambridge, was reading and writing Hebrew at age six.

With the fourth-century codices Vaticanus and Sinaiticus being recommended as the two most reliable manuscripts worthy of supplanting the time-honored Textus Receptus, the reader learns the facts of their defective character which reveal their disagreement with each other in over 3,000 places in the Gospels alone.

Having been advised that Mark 16:9-20 should be discarded because it is not found in the "best" manuscripts, the author finds that the actual evidence confirms its mysterious presence in 618 manuscripts while missing in only two, Vaticanus and Sinaiticus.

After hearing the scholars Westcott and Hort venerated as spiritual giants, he becomes acquainted with their personal correspondence in which they endorse evolution, socialism, globalism, disarmament, spiritism, purgatory and communal living while deprecating the inspiration of Scripture, salvation by grace, a literal Heaven and Hell and the United States of America.

In short, Final Authority addresses those issues rarely discussed by critics of the King James Bible. As well as the information given above, the reader will learn the following:

• Who were the King James translators?
• Who were the translators of later Bible versions?
• What's wrong with the NIV?
• Is the New King James really a King James version?
• How involved are Jesuit agents in the attack against the KJV?
• and much more!

A Personal Word

I. Final Authority
II. The Deeds of the Nicolaitanes
III. The Doctrines of the Nicolaitanes
IV. The Transmission of the Text
V. Mark 16:9-20
VI. Causes for Corruption
VII. The Synagogue of Satan
VIII. Two False Witnesses
IX. Bathed in Blood
X. Hampton Court
XI. The Old Black Book
XII. Sanctioned from on High
XIII. Enter, the Jesuits
XIV. Vessels of Dishonour
XV. Behind Closed Doors
XVI. The Midnight Hour
XVII. The Cutting Edge of Apostasy
XVIII. Preservation for Propagation
Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Proper Names


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