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Is Alberto For Real?

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Author: Sidney Hunter
ISBN: 9780937958292
Price: $6.50 US
Pages: 96 - Paperback

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Genuine or fraud?

In 1979, Chick Publications printed the first in a series of highly controversial comics based on the life of ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera. Once converted to Christ, Alberto began exposing the Vatican's most closely guarded secrets. His information shocked the world.

Responding to his startling statements, Rome and many so-called Christians cried, "Alberto is a fraud." For many years, the battle has raged. Millions have asked: "Is Alberto For Real?"

Here is the answer ... 96 pages ... packed with rock solid evidence, proving Alberto Rivera is for real.

       ...History proves he's real!
       ...Many other writers prove he's real!

If you've ever wondered about the veracity of Alberto's alarming allegations about the Roman Catholic church, this book is a must.

Publishers Foreword
Chapter 1 - 12 Most Frequently Heard Charges Against Alberto Answered
Chapter 2 - Private Investigation of Alberto
Chapter 3 - Answer To Article In Christianity Today


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