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Stairway to Hell

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Author: Rick Jones
ISBN: 9780937958308
Price: $10.95 US
Pages: 208 - Paperback

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Straight answers for teens

Here are the 5 lies Satan tells teens:

  • Immoral sex won't hurt you.
  • Suicide will end all your problems.
  • Drugs are a great escape from reality.
  • No one should have authority over you.
  • Satanism is a fun way to get power.


  • What REALLY happens when you get high?
  • What is rock music's hidden danger?
  • How can sex destroy you?
  • Do you know the devil's Top Secret plan?
  • Why are teens ending it all?
  • Is "Dungeons & Dragons" more than just a game?
  • Why are teens murdering their friends?

You need to know the answer to these questions. Young people around the world are being wiped out in record numbers. They are dying by suicides, drug overdoses, car wrecks, murders, etc., because they have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. In this book, you will discover the real cause of your problems...and you'll find the solution too.

This book is for you! It was written to warn you about the heartbreak and destruction that is sneaking up on you. Someone is using you, laughing at you behind your back, and playing you for a fool. Satan is deceiving you and your friends. The purpose of this book is to show you that there is a solution. What you will read in this book is the truth, and you need to hear it!


After working with teenagers at a home for troubled young people for over six years, Rick Jones learned first-hand that the destruction of teens is not a coincidence. Their ugly and gruesome deaths are the well planned work of an extremely powerful and unseen enemy.

In those six years, young people with every problem you can imagine passed through Jones' office. In all those years, he never met a teen who wanted to end up in the mess they were in. Jones comments, "When they eventually hit bottom, they always asked themselves, 'How did I end up like this?' And scariest of all, they asked, 'Why can't I change now that I see I was deceived?'"

This book will open their eyes to the destruction set before them by Satan. He wants your children dead and in hell. Now is your simple chance to show them that there is a greater force than the enemy...His name is Jesus Christ! Let them see by reading the testimonies of teens like themselves that God meets every need.

In this book your teenagers will read of some of the traps Satan has set before them...

  • Peer Pressure
  • Nobody's Gonna Tell Me What To Do
  • Why Can't Parents and Teens Get Along?
  • Rock Music
  • Drugs
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Sex
  • Suicide's Not The Solution

...the solution to their pressures and problems...

  • Your Only Hope
  • Five Steps In The Right Direction
  • Don't Get Fooled Again
  • For Teens Who Have No One
  • For "Christian" Teens Only

...and even a chapter for you.

Table of Contents
Why This Book?

Chapter 1 - Inside a Satanic Human Sacrifice
Chapter 2 - The Top Secret Plan
Chapter 3 - Why Can't Parents & Teens Get Along?
Chapter 4 - Nobody's Gonna Tell Me What To Do
Chapter 5 - Peer Pressure: The Invisible Glue
Chapter 6 - Hey, This Is Fun!
Chapter 7 - "I Got Ya"
Chapter 8 - Don't Mess With My Music
Chapter 9 - I Can't "Just Say No" To Drugs
Chapter 10 - D & D: Just A Game?
Chapter 11 - What's Wrong With Sex?
Chapter 12 - Suicide's Not The Solution
Chapter 13 - Satan Worship: The Ultimate Deception
Chapter 14 - The Stairway's Last Step
Chapter 15 - Your Only Hope
Chapter 16 - Five Steps In The Right Direction
Chapter 17 - Don't Get Fooled Again
Chapter 18 - For Teens Who Have No One
Chapter 19 - For "Christian" Teens Only
Chapter 20 - Just For Mom and Dad


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