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Lucifer Destronado
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Author: William Schnoebelen
ISBN: 9780937958414
Price: $16.95 US
Pages: 352 - Paperback

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Learn what satanism is like from someone who was on the inside

In his search for truth, Bill Schnoebelen eventually found himself involved in hard core Satanism. This book describes his descent. Read about how he moved quickly from level to level, seeking power. While he thought he was moving up, he was really being dragged down. You will be amazed at the utter depths to which Satan ultimately dragged him.

You will also discover that nothing in Satan's bag of tricks can stand against the power of God. You'll read the thrilling account of how God miraculously worked to rescue Bill from the grip of the devil and set him free.

If you know someone who is involved in the occult on any level, this book will speak a language they will understand. It's purpose is to reveal the deceptiveness of satanism and show that its ultimate end is destruction, both physical and eternal.

But the book also presents the good news...that Jesus Christ loves us so much that He died to pay the penalty for our sins so we could receive the gift of eternal life and live forever in heaven with Him.

PARENT: Could you tell if your children were dabbling in the occult? If so, would you know how to help them? This book will help you.

Chapter 1 - Enthronement
Chapter 2 - Ghostbusters?
Chapter 3 - Know Your Enemy
Chapter 4 - The Ceremony of Innocence is Drowned
Chapter 5 - The Devil's Avenger
Chapter 6 - Into the Belly of the Beast
Chapter 7 - The Coming Forth by Night
Chapter 8 - Dealing with the Brotherhood
Chapter 9 - The Infrastucture of Satanism
Chapter 10 - "The Cathedral of Pain"
Chapter 11 - The Waltz of the Sadducees
Chapter 12 - "...The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come"
Chapter 13 - Answers to Some Hard Questions
Chapter 14 - The Tunnels of Typhon
Chapter 15 - "Defectors" from the Darkness
Chapter 16 - Un-holy Grail
Chapter 17 - Dispelling the Darkness
Chapter 18 - Speaking from the Inferno
Chapter 19 - Witnessing to a Devil-worshipper
Chapter 20 - Wrong Way Down a One-Way Street
Chapter 21 - Regenterated, Called and Commissioned!
Appendix 1
Appendix 2

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