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Why They Changed the Bible

Is it really a Bible if you REMOVE the Son of God? (expand)


They were caught, and they knew it.

These Bible translators had wanted to make it easier to understand the Bible. But they failed at a crucial place.

In some of their translations, Jesus was no longer the Son of God!1

So those translators also had to change the verses that call God the Father of Jesus.

Why would they make a change like that to the clearly understood, literal words of God?

The translators lived in a Muslim culture. They had some serious issues to face when it comes to the name of God. Muslims falsely say that Allah is the God of the Bible. Their Qur’an says that Allah would never have a son,2 and it is blasphemy to call Christ "Allah,"3 or to call Allah "one of three in a Trinity."4 Yet the Van Dyke Arabic Bible and others use the word "Allah" for God! This puts translators in a confusing and perilous situation. Blasphemy is often punishable by arrest, torture or death.

Should their Bible say:

"For Allah so loved the world, that he gave his only son"?5

Or should Thomas fall at Jesus' feet and exclaim, "My Lord and my Allah"?6

The bottom line was this: they could either change God's holy words into something acceptable to the culture, or they could face the serious consequences. Some of them decided the cost was too great to leave God’s words as He said them.

So some of them compromised.

It's quite tempting to bend the truth, if the alternative is persecution, exile, death, or worse.

Was this tiny detail mentioned in the churches when they raised missionary funds for Bible translation? Probably not. Would you want to talk about possibly compromising the word of God so they would be accepted by a foreign culture?

But they got caught, sacrificing God’s literal words to be accepted by people of another religion. “…be sure your sin will find you out:” (Numbers 32:23).

When challenged, the Bible translators in these countries were divided over what to do.

(From Chapter 1 of "Why They Changed the Bible")

Bible translators, all over the world, are making Bibles that they think are only for Protestant and Baptist believers. But they've been sold a lie! Actually, they have been tricked into also making false bibles for someone else.

Most don't know that Christian translators are being trapped into helping create a One-World Bible! And all the translation work is paid for by contributions from Bible believers like you.

And Who is that "someone," and what do they believe?
They will tell you, in their own words!

Here are some free excerpts from the book, "Why They Changed the Bible."


Read book excerpt

Hear author read excerpt

Watch author's commentary

My Wycliffe–SIL instructor shocked me!
“Do you believe the story of Noah and the ark, the great flood and all that?” I asked.  What he said next floored me.

“No, but David, look: don’t let that bother you. When you go to all those churches to raise your missionary support, they have these Statements of Faith for you to sign. It doesn’t matter what you believe. Just sign them. When you get to the [mission] field, you can do whatever you want.”
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The guinea pig of God?
Don’t all Bible translations say basically the same thing? And what's a guinea pig got to do with it?
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Compromise only goes one way
This only goes one way with a Roman Catholic. They never compromise. They just make you think they did while you do all the compromising.  Here’s a perfect example.
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Eugene Nida, father of Dynamic Equivalence and over 200 Bible translations
"In life it is even more important to be able to doubt than to believe, because too many people love the unbelievable."
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One Greek and Hebrew text to rule them all 
Guess who created the Hebrew and Greek texts that all modern bibles are based on?

CLUE:  One World Bible Text for ONE WORLD BIBLE.
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Did God really mean it?
The scriptures, that people have rationalized and disbelieved and rewritten and reinterpreted, are coming to pass, absolutely literally.
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Chapter 17:  An emotional, true testimony of a Bible translator in Cameroon
Just 2 months before finishing the book, the author received new information he had never seen before. A missionary Bible translator actually confirmed, in his own words, most of the main points David W. Daniels had written in this book. What happened next is shocking.

After you read this book, you will ask yourself: Is this the way I want the gospel to be spread throughout the world?

The Bible is being changed ...slowly.

Somebody’s been messing with:

  • Bibles
  • Bible translators
  • Bible translation agencies
  • Churches
  • Christians

    What is their goal?
        What do they hope to accomplish?

See who is behind the gradual changing of modern Bibles. And their plan is almost complete:

      One World Bible for One World Religion

Part One – Something's Wrong

1. Caught!
         Is it really a Bible if you REMOVE the Son of God?

2. Do You Believe All That?

3. The Guinea Pig of God?

4. Catholic Compromise?

Part Two – Man at the Crossroads

5. Nida's Early Influences
         Nida's Salvation Story
         Nida's Main Influences
         Nida's Favorite Reading

6. What Nida Would Have Found If He Trusted the Bible

7. Nida's High School and College Loves
         Nida in High School: Learning to Love
         Nida at UCLA: Finding His True Love

8. Direction at Camp Wycliffe
         Nida Directed to Camp Wycliffe
         Nida Directed to Mexico
         Nida's New Direction

9. Passion for Patristics: Nida at USC
         Arranging a Master's Degree

10. The Road to a Doctorate
         After the Master's
         The Danger of a Doctorate
         SIL Gets a Second Name
          Wycliffe Bible Translators (WBT)
         "Doctor" Nida

11. Young Dr. Nida
          Nida Joins the American Bible Society (ABS)

12. Persuading the Persuader
         This persuasion cometh not of him that calleth you.
         Secular SIL?
         Pray Without Ceasing?
         Words Mean Things—or Do They?
         Liberals—or Unbelievers?
         Grounds for Separation
         To Rome with Love

13. A Few Well-Placed Jesuits
         Compromise Only Goes One Way
         "We Run the Pope"
          A Man with a Mission

14. The Rubber Meets the Road
         Nida's First Disappointment
         What Nida Really Wanted
         Nida's Motives
         Nida's Supporters
         Why Nida Focused First on the Spanish Bible
         The Reina-Valera 1960: Valera's Vision Unfulfilled
         The Nida Bibles: the Versión Popular and Today's English Version
         A Protestant Bible —for Roman Catholics?

Part Three – The Big Picture

15. Nothing Is as It Seems
         Inspiration and Preservation
         Satan's First Plan: Simple Extermination
         Satan's Second Plan: A Replacement Bible
         Satan's Third Plan: "Fix" the Bible
         Satan's Deeper Agenda: Compromise for the Sake of Unity

16. "Behold, I shew you a mystery..."
         What God Calls a Mystery
         What does this have to do with the Whore of Babylon?
          A Mystery Unveiled through History
         "The Glories of Mary"
         The Mystery Becoming a Modern Reality
          The Mystery Is a Present Reality

17. Now What Do We Do?
          A Case in Point
          A Call to Heed

18. Appendix: Were Alfredo Trusso and Jorge Mejia actually Jesuits?
         Five Categories of Jesuits
         Alfredo Trusso and Jorge Mejia
         Their Teachers

19. Bibliography
20. Index


Author: David W Daniels
ISBN: 9780758909978
Price: $12.95 US
Pages: 288 - Paperback

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