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Vanishing Proofs of Evolution

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Author: Thomas Heinze
ISBN: 9780758905703
Price: $6.95 US
Pages: 96 - Paperback

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Are your children being taught scientific "proofs" of evolution that have already been disproven?

Much of the world has been convinced to abandon God because of a few classic "proofs of evolution" in schoolbooks. "The Vanishing Proofs of Evolution" shows how one after another, these "proofs" have been found to be untrue.

Don't just stand and watch while your kids and their teachers are being deceived. Give them the knowledge that will build their faith and help them help others.

It's all explained in this scientifically-sound book, which clearly shows that true science supports the Creation position and disproves evolution.

Table of Contents
     The Pillars of Evolution
     Climbing Mount Improbable
Chapter 1 - Peppered Moths; Best Evidence for Evolution?
                     The Best Evidence?
                    "Uphill Evolution" a Myth
Chapter 2 - Does an Embryo Relive Its Evolution?
                    Faked Drawings
Chapter 3 - Comparative Anatomy
Chapter 4 - Can Evolution Make New Organs?
                    Mutations Usually "Downhill"
                    The Fruit Fly Experiments
                    Recessive Mutations
                    Clusters of Mutations
                    Point Mutations
Chapter 5 - Vestigial Organs, Evolution's Leftovers?
                    Downhill Evolution
                    The Appendix
                    Scalp and Ear Muscles
                    Where Did New Organs Come From?
                    New Animals and Endangered Species
Chapter 6 - Uniformitarian Geology
Chapter 7 - Do Fossils Prove Evolution?
                    The Missing Links are Missing
                    Punctuated Equilibrium
Chapter 8 - Did Life Evolve from Chemicals?
                    How Did Life Begin?
                    Were the Materials Available?
                    The Myth That Lipids Formed in Nature and Produced The First Life
                    The Myth That Proteins Formed in Nature and Produced Life
                    The Myth That The First Living Cell Was Started by RNA
                    A Tough Job for Primitive RNA
                    How Long?


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