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One Heartbeat Away

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Author: Mark Cahill
ISBN: 9780964366572
Price: $9.99 US
Pages: 254 -

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You went to kindergarten and then elementary school. You learned to play sports. You went to junior high and high school. You were overly concerned about your grade point average. You got your driver's license. You went to college. You went to some concerts. You got a job. You got married. You had some kids. You cheered your favorite sports teams. You retired.

   You died. Now what?

Is there anything out there after we take that last breath? Life is a journey that will end...sometime. Is that all there is... this life and nothing more? Why are we even here? This book answers all these questions in a logical, interesting and straightforward manner.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Nobel Prize
Chapter 2 - I Can See Clearly Now
Chapter 3 - The Red Silver Dollar
Chapter 4 - "The Flames! The Flames!"
Chapter 5 - It's the Law!
Chapter 6 - The Bad News
Chapter 7 - The Good News
Chapter 8 - The Next Step
Chapter 9 - Decisions, Decisions
Chapter 12 - Who Am I?
Chapter 11 - Reflect the Light of the Son
Chapter 12 - Tick Tick Tick


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